Love at first sight

Skylar is a shy, insecure girl... & she loves Niall Horan. When they met, will it be Love At first sight ?


17. Healing

On The Way home, it was silent. Except for a few people shifting to wipe the tears from their eyes. What did I do?! I Felt A few tears fall down. My arm was soar & it was stinging. I looked out the window.

~~Lou's P.O.V~~

I was still crying. Everything was silent. I looked over across the van and saw Skylar crying silently.

~~Niall's POV~~

I was still In shock of what has happened. The girl I'm madly, truly, deeply in love with harmed herself Because of hate! How did I not know?! I hate myself!

~~Skylar's POV~~

When we got home I put on some pj's and went straight to my bed. All the boys were outside the hotel. I went over to the door and listened. "Niall she's okay!" Liam reassured him. "Ya Mate! She's okay, give her a Day or so" Harry told him. I slowly opened the door, catching only Zayn's attention. I hurried down the hall, I heard Zayn behind my. He grabbed my arm. I stopped and Slowly turned around. "Where are you going love ?" "To see my friend Gaby" "I can drive you." He said politely. "Okay." He ran to the room and got his car keys. We walked to the car.

~~10 minutes later~~

"Thanks Zayn" I said while getting out. I walked up to Gaby's house & knocked. She opened the door. "Hey Skye" "Gaby can we please talk?" I already was balling my eyes out. "Skylar what's wrong?!" Me & Gaby have been best friends since 5th Grade. "Well, long story short..." I slowly pulled up my sleeve. She had her mouth open, she started balling eyes out. "W..why?!" She yelled at me. "Hate..." I said crying even harder. I stood up & ran outside. I pulled my phone. I called all of the guys & no one answered. Well, looks like I'm walking. I started walking. I was crying, & walking. I could barley see. I heard Liam & Zayn call my name. I looked back. "Skylar are you okay?!" Liam asked me scared. "I told G..Gaby & she hates me!" They helped me to the car& quickly drove me to the hotel. I got back & Lou, Harry & Niall Were watching tv. They all turned their heads and saw me. Of course, Lou Ran over to me. "Skye, are you alright!?" "Yes, Lou, I'm fine" I gave him a faint smile. Niall & Harry bolted over to me.

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