Love at first sight

Skylar is a shy, insecure girl... & she loves Niall Horan. When they met, will it be Love At first sight ?


16. Gone

Me && Rebecca haven't spoken for almost 1 month. She tries to start conversations.


•1 Month Ago•

"Hey Babe. You home?" I asked to my boyfriend Cristian. It was silent. I walked into my room & I saw him & Rebecca making out!! I Ran out crying.

~~~end of flashback~~~

"Skylar?" Niall said snapping me out of my thoughts. "What?" I asked confused. All the guys laughed at me. "Do you want to go to Nando's?" "Sure" I said. Every since I saw them making out I've been really upset. Of course the guys just had to bring her. "Hey guys!!" She yelled running towards them & making sure I saw her hug Niall. I clenched my fist. "Sorry guys but.. I'm gonna go." And with that I was gone. I walked in my room. I turned on my phone & got on Twitter. Did i mention how bad the hate has been towards me lately ? Well it's horrible. I look through all the hate... 'Slut' 'whore' 'ugly' 'worthless'.. I can't do this anymore! I slammed my phone down & ran into the bathroom. I picked up my razor & did what I usually do. Before I realized it I was screaming in pain. "Skylar!!" I heard Lou yell from outside the door. I was being to pass out. I heard Lou yell to the others & i heard someone banging on the door. With tears rolling down my cheek I blacked out

~~~Lou's P.O.V~~~

I heard Skylar screaming from the bathroom. She's like my little sister, so of course I run to the bathroom and start screaming her name. It was silent. I yelled for the guys with tears starting to fall from my eyes. They run in & I point to the door. I picked of her phone to call 9-1-1 when I unlocked it I saw her Twitter. I scrolled down & saw all her hate. It's horrible, I remember when she showed me her scars a few months ago. That's what she did, she cut herself. I dropped her phone, and began crying my eyes out. I called 9-1-1. They arrived & toke her body.. I saw so much blood.

~~at the hospital~~

"Mr. Tomlinson?" The nurse called. My head shot up. "Yes?" "Come with me." She brought me to Skylar's room. "She got lucky, she lost lots of blood but she'll be okay." I couldn't speak I was still on shock. I felt the tears falling again. I walked out of the room & all the guys looked up at me & stood up quickly. "Is she okay?" Liam asked. "She'll be okay. Where's Niall?" Harry pointed to Niall Curled Up In the chair. I slowly walked up to him. "Niall?" He looked up at me with bloodshot eyes, you could tell he's been crying. "I..Is she okay?" "Yeah she'll be okay." I could see he felt a little bit better. "Why did she do it?" He asked me. "She...She's been getting a lot of hate, i saw it on her Twitter." He looked out the hospital window. "Mr. Tomlinson ?" The nurse asked. I rushed over to her. "Y..Yes?" I asked stuttering. "She's okay & ready to be checked out." I signed some papers & with that we toke her home..

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