Falling For Him

Chloe finds herself crushing after a disaster heart break, and at first she doesn't know if she can trust the boy she's crushing on, Mason, will she fall for him?


3. Is It Meant to Be?

I pushed open my glass window to breathe in some fresh air, being cooped up in my bed not being able to do cartwheels all of last week was dreadful.

I smelled the tulips blooming outside and saw Mason getting the mail, "Hey!!!!" I shouted out to him in my best flirty voice which turned out to sound like a hippo ate a chick and I was yelling from the chick'a body which wasn't a pretty thing. (Which my old boyfriend would've nagged me about if he'd heard) Mason giggled and causally walked back to his house, man I've really got to work on that I thought in my head!!!!

I dressed myself in my casual wear a sparkly top and skinny jeans (if I wore regular jeans my pants would fall down and I learned that the hard way, LOL!!!!) I rushed down the stairs because finally the doctor didn't insist on that stupid wheelchair that wasn't even needed at all. I grabbed a breakfast bar and apple and yelled to my mom," Love You Bye!!!!"

I grabbed my book bag and walked down to the bus stop with Mason. He explained to me that apparently my mom had arranged for me to spend the night at there house one weekend because she would be out of town( WITHOUT TELLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) " Oh cool, I said in a non-freaking out voice. "

Get on my bus now slow pokes was the welcoming good morning the bus driver gave my and Mason. Ok then, I thought, Good Morning to you 2. I sat down in my regular spot on the bus where no one and I mean no one not even the nose-pickers sat, all by myself as usual.

Oddly, Mason plopped himself next to me, and I thought oh there was no other place to sit and turned around to check and the whole back part of the bus was empty. I got cold chills he decided to sit with me!!!!!!!!!! Of all people, ME!!!!!!!!!! Did he like me? Was he crazy? Was It Meant to Be?

Author's Note: Hey, hope your enjoying this book so far, sorry I haven't updated in a while. I hope to publish another chapter soon!!!!!!!!!! 😃

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