Falling For Him

Chloe finds herself crushing after a disaster heart break, and at first she doesn't know if she can trust the boy she's crushing on, Mason, will she fall for him?


1. Crushing

I sat on my doorstep, listening to We are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift on my iPod, jamming out to music. I was doing cartwheels, round offs, handstands, and aerials like no one was watching, which was what I thought.

Then a boy came into view standing by his door watching me, Chloe doing flips and singing to myself. At first, I wanted to run off crying from embarrassment but I got a grip off myself and said,"If your going to watch why are you hiding?" And the boy stepped out on his porch and responded," You don't need to be embarrassed your good, really good." I blushed a little, because unlike most girls I feel awkward when people compliment me.

Like on cue my mom came outside and offered me some lemonade and of course her being the nice person she is she offered some to the boy across the street. And like my mom secretly told his mom to come outside it happened of course his mom came outside.

His mom was offered some lemonade too, and his mom was obviously very similar to my mom because she invited my family over to dinner at her house. Of course again my luck striked and my mom said,..."yes."

I found myself sitting at a fancy wooden dinner table eating dinner with that boy. And I'd found out his name, Mason, sadly which was too much information. That boy was obviously another stupid boy waiting to crush hearts and after my recent break up my heart couldn't take much more pain. His father sat at the dinner table introducing their family because they had just moved into the house across the street.

Next, came their little daughter, Chloe,4 year old, and frankly the highlight of that night so far was being dressed up in a Tu-tu by a 4 year old, in front of a boy I might have a teeny little crush on listen... MIGHT, I'm not saying I have a huge crush I'm just saying after the way I saw Mason laugh when he saw me in a Tu-tu felt special like something clicked inside of me like I was falling off Mount Everest but he caught me.

Although, I'm still a little heart broken from my last relationship this feels different, but a good different. I mean the fact that every time I made a mistake in my cartwheels, this boy didn't laugh when I fell on my head.

Mason also said I was really good at gymnastics when I wasn't even on the competitive gymnastics team!!! 😃 I was crushing now 😍 time to change my status to: crushing on one certain boy.

Authors Note:

I hope you liked it let me know if you have any tips because I'm new to Movella's and I would love your feedback!!! If you like this story than please read: nerd_forever021. And if possible please fan: nerd_forever021 their books are really good, or at least in my opinion they are. Follow Your Dreams, Believe in Yourself, and Write Movella's!!! 😃 And if you like this app you might like Wattpad because it's kind of over the same concept as this app.

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