Falling For Him

Chloe finds herself crushing after a disaster heart break, and at first she doesn't know if she can trust the boy she's crushing on, Mason, will she fall for him?


2. Crushing Bad Luck

I walked through the high school hallways, carrying my heavy stack of books, biology, physics, social studies, and Spanish. Dame un respiro (Give me a Break in Spanish) is what I learned in Spanish today, which I can apply very often. I picked up speed trying not to be late to my first class ,and suddenly I bumped into something and things got blurry as like I was being lost in a heavy fog. I lost control of my legs and I fell backwards, as my head hit the cement ground 5 times, and I lost consciousness.

I suddenly started to wake up and a doctor appeared in front of me, and the doctorish figure point a flashing light in my face. I sit up saying,"What happened?!?!??" The doctor said in an accusing voice,"why don't you ask this gentlemen here?"

I looked the right of my hospital bed and saw Mason, of all people, Mason!!!! He stood up staring in guiltiness at the floor," as we were going to our first class I accidentally ran into you and you fell to the floor and you lost consciousness."

"Oh," I said. I'm sorry Mason.

"No it wasn't your fault at all if I wouldn't of bumped into you this whole thing wouldn't of happened I'm truely sorry," Mason said.

"I accept your apology", I said in an apologetic voice. But in my head as soon as those words came out I'm like seriously Chloe not the thing to say!!! I looked up to the doctor and asked him if I could leave and thank goodness he said,"YES!!!"

Mason wheeled me home in my wheelchair because of course there was some catch the doctor said because the fall was so hard they were worried because they said for a while dizziness will become a side effect of my pain pills and they didn't want me to fall again from the dizziness.

As my dad carried me up the stairs to my bed listened to Mason's conversation with my parents. He kept apologizing over and over again, "poor Mason" I said out loud. Oh poop nugget I though did I seriously just say that out loud!?!?!

My mom brought me up my pain pills and I got sleepier and sleepier and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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