One Month.

This story is about an adventure of several young adults.
They are watched by camera men, part of the time.
Just paid to spend time in the amazing Hawaii Island.
Some of them are looking for love, and others just looking for fun.
What happens? You'll have to read to find out.


3. Day Three.

~*Makayla's POV*~

I'm excited today because we're going to the beach, its the beach right behind our house, but still.. its the beach.

I got out of bed and went down stairs, Aaliyah threw me a pop-tart to eat and I caught it, sitting down on the couch next to Kart. Everyone was in the living room except, Wes and Rec. They must still be sleeping.. so, I walked over to Aaliyah and Maya. "Wes and Rec still asleep?" I asked them, nibbling on my pop-tart. "Yeah." Said Aaliyah and Maya nodded. "Well.. let's wake them up then, I'll get Rec and you two get Wes up," I explained to them. "Okay, let's do this then." Maya said, sitting the rest of her own pop-tart on the counter, I did the same.

We then all began to walk up to the where the bedrooms are.

Maya and Aaliyah went into Wes, I then slowly opened the door to Rec's. He looked so adorable sleeping, why would I want to interrupt this? He looks so peaceful, and adorable and he his face looks so soft and harmless. How could he act so coldly to the others?

I sat down gently on the foot of his bed and he stirred in his sleep. Gawd, he was cute. Wait.. what am I saying? I only met him yesterday.. I mean could I like him that easily? I do fall for people easily... but I mean.. he is cute, I know there's a reason he acts this way, but just what?

I know he said.. that his sister, brother and parents were dead, but how?.. He's only 24. Wait.

24? That's.. 19, 1 year, 20, 2 years, 21, 3 years, 22, 4 years, 23, 5 years, 24... 6 years..

We're 6 years apart, pfft, like that would ever happen. Plus, I only met him yesterday and I think I already like him.. I haven't even had a conversation with him yet.. Also, he has a girlfriend. And she's one lucky girl to get to be with him.

"Why are you in my room.. and on my bed?" I was completely knocked out of my thoughts by Rec, he was awake.

"Oh-- I'm sorry--- Like-- they sent me in here to wake you up but you looked so peaceful, I didn't want to." I didn't know exactly what to say..

"So, you're saying I look hot when I sleep?" Rec said this while getting out of bed, looking at me with a small smirk pulling at the corner of his lips.

Oh gawd.

"Well not hot, but you are adorable when you sleep." I said, looking down and trying to hide my blush. "Also, we're going to the beach so, get ready." I added.

"Wait, where?" Rec asked, stopping in his tracks. "The beach, silly. Now get ready," I said walking out of his room. "O-okay," Rec answered me.

I wonder why he's so uneasy about going to the beach?

I shrugged it off and got changed into my bikini, Maya and Aaliyah did too.

When I walked back down, all the boys were awake and in their bathing suits. Of course none of them had shirts on except.. Rec did.

This boy.. I swear. I want to know what's up with him..

We all made our way down to the beach, I laid down a towel and sat down on it. Maya sat in a beach chair, Chris, Aaliyah and Wes in the sand, Kart and Kyle in the water. Then, Rec was standing next to me, just standing there. What is up with him, its the beach. "Come on.. Rec, we're going for a walk," I announced, getting up and fixing my bikini top.

He followed me, I was walking where the waves came up in the sand but Rec wouldn't get with in an inch of it.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me, moving him closer to the water. He completely freaked "what the fuck" he cursed, moving back to where he was once walking. "What did I do?.. why won't you have fun, its the beach." I told him, as we continued to talk along the beach.. "well.. uhm.. like..." he trailed off. "What is it?" I questioned him once more, "I'm afraid of water, okay?" He said sitting down right in the sand, sighing to himself. I giggled lightly and sat down next to him, "wanna know something?" I asked him, playing with sand. "What?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at me. "I'm afraid of the dark." I admitted to him, I don't tell most people I am..

"You're what?" He asked a bit confused now, "I'm afraid of the damn dark.." I admitted once more, he started in shock but then his expression softened. "Well, we don't have to stay here then.. we could go back to the house and play PS3," right when I said that his eyes lit up and he nodded, standing up. We walked back to where everyone was, "Rec and I are going back to the house to play PS3, bye now." I told Maya and then me and Rec began to walk back to the house.

When we got back inside, we both went straight for the game room and sat down on the couch. I forgot I had to turn the PS3 on so, I got up and turned it and the TV on. Rec chuckled at me rushing around the room.

I sat down next to him on the couch and we began to play little big planet.

"No, wait, what the fuck? No. I totally won that not you." I said, frustrated.

"Haha, no. I won, it even says it.. right there on the screen." Rec said, pointing at the screen. I looked at him and then saw his shirt, wait.. has he had that same shirt on all day? With the Pikachu on it?

I immediately squealed and ran into my room, taking off my shirt and searching for my Pikachu shirt, when I found it I threw it on quickly and ran back into the game room.

"Oh, my gosh. We have matching shirts," Rec said, laughing a bit as he said it.

"Hmm.. I shall call you Pikachu from now on." I announced happily, but he looked a bit puzzled. "What am I going to call you then?" Rec-- I mean Pikachu asked me, looking at me.

"I don't know.. Wes calls me Mack, and Aaliyah calls me Bitch," I explained to him, and he nodded. I'm pretty sure he was thinking...

"Mac and Cheese." Rec said, "what?" I asked him.. "That's what I'm going to call you, Mac and Cheese, but, that's kind of long so.. Mc for short." I giggled at this new nickname, it was odd but cute.

"Pikachu.. can you try and.. lighten up to the others?" I asked, knowing he wouldn't possibly do it for a girl he met just the other day, "sure." Rec said to my surprise, "wait, what?" I asked confused. "I said sure." He answered once more. After that we played PS3 until the others got back.

We were all sitting around the Island in the kitchen when Wes spoke up, "we should all try and guess each other's last and middle names." That was a pretty good idea, we all agreed. "Try and guess mines first, it starts with a L." Maya said.

"Lillian?" I asked and she shook her head,

"Lynn?" Chris asked, Maya nodded.

"Last name?" Kart asked, getting up and going to the fridge.

"It starts with a B.." Maya explained to him, taking a bite out of her cookie,

"Barns?" Aaliyah asked Maya and she shook her head.

"Nope, its Bauer, kinda hard to figure out.." she told us, taking another bite of her cookie.

"So.. Maya Lynn Bauer?" Chris questioned her and she nodded.

"That's a cool name, but it would be better if your middle name was turtle," Wes said very seriously.

"Okay, moving on.. my middle name starts with an A," Kyle said giving us the clue.

"PFFT. That shit is easy, it's Angelo," Aaliyah said.

"My mines is De'Angelo!" Chris called out.

"Not even close." Kyle told her shaking his head.

"Anthony?" Rec asked in a low toned voice.

"Yep," he answered him.

"Kyle Anthony what?" I asked Kyle.


"Kyle Anthony Kennish.. not that bad." Chris told him.

"Ooo, my turn!" I announced happily, everything laughed. "It starts with an E."

"Ellie?" Kart asked, I shook my head,

"Eva." Chris said and I shook my head again.

"Emily.." Aaliyah said, I just answered with a "nope."

Then, Wes guessed, "Ella?"

"Nuh-uh," I told him and waited for another person to guess.

"Eve!" Maya called out and I shook my head.. wow is my middle name that hard?

"Elizabeth." Rec spoke up and I nodded poking his cheek lightly.

Then, out of no where he licked my cheek, wait what? I giggled lightly and covered my face..

What.. did.. I.. just.. do?

Everyone looked at us until Aaliyah spoke up, "I'll go next, mines starts with a F.

"Fayth," I guess right away and got it right.

"Wait, Makayla.. what's your last name?" Wes questioned me.

"Oh, Makayla Elizabeth Wader, is my full name," I told him and he nodded.

"Also, I don't spell it F-A-I-T-H, I spell it F-A-Y-T-H." Aaliyah explained to us, "and, and my last name is Payne, also spelled with a Y."

"Who else still has to go?" Maya asked us.

"Me, and Rec and Wes. Oh, and we don't know Chris' last name."

Kart told us and I nodded, and he continued on.. "Well, no one is going to get mines since, its Japanese.. So.. My middle name is Fanos and my last name is Makio."

"And, my middle name will be hard to guess.. its Arabic so, its Hamed. My name is Rector Hamed Young." Rec explained to us, his last name is so simple and his name is cute.

"OH, AND MY LAST NAME IS SANDERS." Chris announced to everyone.

"That's everyone.." I said, "no, no. My middle name is turtle." Wes said trying to convince us with a serious voice.. but it wasn't working. "No? You said it was O'Neil yesterday," Aaliyah argued back.

"Fine, my last name is turtle."

"No, you said it was Yarbrough." Kyle said stepping in, Wes just looked at the floor.

"Fine.. you win. None of my names are turtle.. but.. I wish one was." Wes said, ending the argument.

I think.. today, I got through to Rec, I hope, but its only the third day. Plus, he has a girlfriend.. I mean.. he licked my cheek today, isn't that a bit weird? But oh well.. I wonder what we're going to go tomorrow.

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