One Month.

This story is about an adventure of several young adults.
They are watched by camera men, part of the time.
Just paid to spend time in the amazing Hawaii Island.
Some of them are looking for love, and others just looking for fun.
What happens? You'll have to read to find out.


6. Day Six.

~*Maya's POV*~

I woke up & went down stairs to see everyone at the table except Kart & Chris. They were outside by the pool. Aaliyah was making breakfast & it smelled amazing.

"That smells so good.. What are you making, Aaliyah?" I asked her.

"Chocolate chip pancakes & bacon," she replied, placing all the pancakes on one plate & carrying them to the table.

Then, Dana stomped down the steps and narrowed her eyes at Makayla who was sitting next to Rec.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She screamed at Rec.

"Dana, it was just a game.." he replied.

I saw Makayla look down. Then, she got up from the table and run upstairs.

"Mc.." Rec called after her as he followed her.

"So you care about her more than me?!" Dana scoffed.

"Gosh.. Shut the fuck up & sit the fuck down Dana," Aaliyah told her.

"No, slut," Dana said back, simply.

"What was that?" Aaliyah asked, punching Dana right in her eye.

~*Makayla's POV*~

Rec sat down next to me on the bed. I had my knees pulled up to my chest.

I screwed everything up.

"I'm sorry," I choked out.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because.. I fucked everything up between you & Dana."

Rec wrapped his arms around me & held me closely.

"Dana's a bitch. I could have not kissed you but I wanted too."

"Really?" I looked up, blushing a bit.

"Yes.. Just like I want to..." Rec began to lean in. "Now.."

His soft lips pressed against mine. It was like heaven.

~*Aaliyah's POV*~

After punching Dana twice & pouncing on her I was pulled off by Chris & Wes.

Then, the producers came in & said Dana had to leave with in the next 3 hours because she was a problem.

Damn right she was.

I decided to go up to where Makayla was. Kyle came with.

When we walked into Makayla's room there was Rec & her kissing. Not making out. Just a long kiss.

"Oh shit." I said "Makayla getting the D tonight."

Kyle just laughed.

Rec & Makayla pulled away. "Shut the fuck up, Aaliyah." Makayla said, throwing a pillow at me.

"Bitchhh." I said.

"Out." She said, throwing another pillow at me.

"No," I said & then I jumped on top of both of them.

Then before I knew it, Wes was in there too on top of them.

"Can you get off of me so I don't die!" Makayla yelled, pushing us off of her.

Then, Rec picked her up & carried her out of the room.

"DON'T BE TOO LOUD!" Chris shouted at them.

"Yeah I don't wanna be up all night!" Kart yelled, also.

~*Makayla's POV*~

I already knew we weren't going to have sex. But Rec set me down on his bed, then sat down next to me.

"So.. Are you & Dana.. Over.. With?" I asked, quietly.

"We are now," Rec said.

I smiled widely, blushing and covered my face with my hands.

"Awh, Mc.. Don't cover your face," Rec begged.

I shook my head and laid down on his bed.

Rec pulled on my wrists gently & I didn't give in.

"Okay, I didn't want to do this but..." Rec said and then began to tickle my sides.

I squealed & begged for him to stop.

After 5 minutes of me laughing & begging him to stop, he finally did.

He laid down next to me & both of us were out of breath.

"I said don't be too loud!" Chris joked again, passing by the room.

"Shut up!" I hissed.

Rec chuckled & kissed my cheek.

I smiled & pokes his nose. Then, Rec licked my nose. I blushed, once again.

~*Aaliyah's POV*~

I was sitting on the couch, watching TV when Wes came over & sat on me.

"What the fuck, off." I said & pushes him off, going up stairs.

I passed Chris' room & saw him sitting on his bed. "What's up?" I said, standing in his door way.

"Nothing much, just thinking about what to do. "

"We could go swimming?" I suggested.

"That's a great idea," Chris said hopping off his bed.

"I'll go get changed then," I replied, walking back to my room.

I walked back to my room, on my way I passed Maya, "what are you up to?" She asked. "Nothing, just about to go swimming, wanna join?" I said, she smiled brightly and said, "sure, I'll go get Wes & Kyle & Kart to join to if you want?"

"That'll be great!" I said, walking into my room & changing into my bathing suit. ( Link; ) It was dark blue & totally my favorite color.

After I changed I headed down to the pool. Chris, Maya, ( Maya's Bikini; )Wes & Kyle were already there. I saw Kart coming down the hall.

"LETS DO CHICKEN FIGHTS." Maya said, excitedly.

"Whaa.." I said, confused.

"Okay, so, say.. You were on Chris' shoulders and I was on Kart's. You and I would like try to push each other off," she explained.

"Sounds fun, let's do of then," Wes declared.

~*Makayla's POV*~

After Rec & I's cuddle session we decided to grab a snack. Dana was about to leave when she looked at me.

Fuck. Shit. Damn it.

"Rec, babe, I'll see you when you get back. Call me tomorrow," she cooed to him.

"No Dana." Rec said, "we're done, you can leave, delete my number, fuck off for all I care."

I could see Dana getting pissed by this.

"You! This is all your fault! You fucking whore! Slut! Cunt!" Dana screamed at me.

"Fuck off Dana! She's a lot better than you'll ever be! Even prettier!" Rec shouted back.

I heard a splash in the pool outside and foot steps.

Maya & Aaliyah grabbed Dana from her disgusting hair & dragged her out of the house.

Wes threw her bags at her.

"And stay out, whore!" Kart shouted at her. Kyle slammed the door shut in her face.

"Thanks guys.." I mumbled.

A wave of you're welcomes showered me.

I looked up at Rec as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Did you really mean it, when you said I was pretty?" I asked him, shyly.

"Of course, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." He replied.

I blushed & kissed him softly as Aaliyah & Maya sprayed us with whip cream.

"Oh, it's on bitches," I said, pulling away from Rec.

And the rest of the day was spent having a whip cream war.

We went through like five cans.

But it was the most fun I've had in a while.

I actually have friends.

It feels good to be wanted.

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