The Only Reason

Erika Is Just A Another Typical Girl The Only Difference Is That She Is On Tour With Her Boyfriend Luke Hemmings And His/Her Best Friends
If You Want To Join Erika In Her Relationship Which Has Alot Of Ups And Downs Just Read "The Only Reason"


1. Intro


                            Hey im Erika and as you might know im Luke Hemmings girlfriend yes as in The Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer.Im 17 Im not really girly but i  have my girly moments.My favorite color is pink.I have Long Black curly hair that goes mid back I have dimples im 5'1 and my eyes are brown but look pretty much black im inbeetween pale and a tanish skin color if that made sense haha.Im pretty confident about my body i have nices curves in the right places.Im on tour with Luke and his 4 best friends which are also my best friends which is weird but yeah i think thats all you need to know. :)

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