The Only Reason

Erika Is Just A Another Typical Girl The Only Difference Is That She Is On Tour With Her Boyfriend Luke Hemmings And His/Her Best Friends
If You Want To Join Erika In Her Relationship Which Has Alot Of Ups And Downs Just Read "The Only Reason"


2. Good Morning

                                                                  Erika's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing it was a text from my mom 

From:   Mommadukes <3 To:Erika

'Hope you have a nice day honey..tell Luke i said hi and that i hope he does good on his concert tonight i will be cheering for him all the way from home and that he has to take care of you dont want you getting hurt Love you and miss you baby-Mommy xox'

I let out a quiet aww and smiled my mom was seriously the best i was about to text back when i heard a deep raspy voice saying "good morning baby" i turned around and smiled i loved the fact that he was the first thing i saw in the morning "hey babe" i replied he smiled with his eyes closed and pecked my lips i let out a giggle.He opened one eye and looked at my phone "what you doing?" 

"nothing my mom just texted me" i said as i showed him the text he smiled,he got along with  my mom alot, good thing! right? "tell her that thanks for the support and that she doesn't have to worry about you nothing will happen to you on my watch" i smiled and texted the exact same thing to my mom.I got out of bed and brushed my teeth i started drying my damp face i felt two strong arms snake around my waist i turned around and met the two most beautiful eyes i ever saw "what you doing" luke said "jumping of a plane what does it look like" i laughed he tried kissing me but i pulled back "you havent brushed your teeth mister" "please i will brush them after" he begged, he leaned in again i pecked him "brush them first" i laugh 

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