Wisely Curious

When you've spent your whole life inside one building, confined to your birth place, but your nature desires an adventure, the world outside is not what you thought. Especially when you're wisely curious..


3. Destined

I crawl towards the bed and pull myself up, wiping away the tears. I look down at my Father. Lying in his bed, his face pale, frozen. His blue eyes wide open, staring. I think back to his last words, something about a book in his office. It seems so stupid to be searching for a book when I've just watched my Father die. A sound comes from outside and I remember that it's collection day. I hurry, rushing to catch the men. When they push the cart of food through the hatch, I bang my fist on the front door, begging them to answer me. 'Help!' I scream 'help! Its my Father I think he's dead!!' I continue hammering on the door, hoping they'll listen. My fist falls as I hear the men unlocking the door and I step back. I sniff and hope my face doesn't look red and blotched. The door slowly creeks open and a man pokes his head around the door. 

'It's alright' he says and opens the door more and I see three other men, tall and strong, all in the same uniform. 'Are you ok?' The first man asks. He has short brown hair and big brown eyes. His head looks small in comparison to the rest of his body. 

'Um it;s my Father' I say quickly, walking towards his room. 'He just died.' My voice trails off at the end, hearing myself say it out loud with such certainty frightens me. I show the men where the body is layed and they start to get their equipment ready to take him away. I suddenly remember the book and slip into my Fathers office whilst the men are busy. I ratch around at the back trying to find a draw, a single draw, but there isn't one. I'm about to give up looking when I see it. Underneath the desk, so small I can barely see it. I pull it expecting it to open but it wont. I tug at it hard with all my strength but it just won't budge. What?! I think. How can this be happening. The voices begin to get louder and I can hear the man's footsteps approaching. I rush out towards the door and I see them carrying my Father out on their shoulders. Two men are waiting beside the door with a strange seat with wheels on the floor. As I watch in horror, they place my Father on it and cover him up. I begin to protest but they're already gone. I'm alone with just one of the men and I begin to feel very nervous. 

'I thought you should have this' he says. I look towards his outstretched hand and inside is a tiny necklace. A single, silver hoop resting on a chain. I take it from him and thank him for everything. He nods and reminds me that he'll be back to collect some of Fathers belongings and to give me the sheet of paper I need to sign. He apologizes to me and quietly leaves, locking the door behind him. I feel overwhelmed, I'm about to cry again but I need to figure things out. I attach the necklace around my neck, the only thing I have left of him and remind myself to stay strong.  

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