The Chronicles of Narnia: Queen Anna

This story is about Queen Anna who was born into the royal family of Narnia. Anna is pretty much your everyday teenager, living with her mom, Susan, and her dad, Caspian. What she doesn't know though, is that her mom and dad use to be the rulers of Narnia. When Anna finds Narnia, what will happen? Will she take the reasonably or just turn the opportunity down? READ TO FIND OUT!!


1. Going Home

Anna was packing for the move to England as she sighed heavily. She wasn't ready to leave her friends behind. As she ran downstairs to hand her bags to her dad, Caspian. "We know this isn't easy for you sweetie, and were so sorry-" Caspian tried to explain as he was cut off by Susan. Anna ran out the door and spun around slowly. "HEY! What's going on?" She heard someone ask from behind her. It was her friend, Paul. She had known him since she was in kindergarten and never did tell him about the move. "O-HEY PAUL! What do you mean?" She asked avoiding his question. "Anna, I'm not stupid. There's moving trucks and your mom and dad are.packing their bags into them. Now spill!" Paul had said while pointing towards Susan and Caspian. "Fine, were leaving for.England tonight. We're going to live with my Aunt Lucy and Uncles, Edmund and Peter. I wish I could stay but I just can't." She sighed as a stray tear ran down her cheek, her brown hair blowing in the crisp new summer air. Paul, who was speechless at the time, just stood there and held her close to him before he found his voice again. "It'll be ok, we can still email an  video-chat." His voice came out in a whisper as he pulled away from her gently. Anna couldn't  take it anymore as she ran inside and fell back onto her bed, letting the tears fall from her cheeks. "There, there. I know the feeling." She heard someone trying to comfort her as she looked up. At first the image was blurry but then she realized it was just Susan with Caspian beside her. "Thanks mom, are you guys ready? The sooner I leave the better." Anna asked as she stood to her feet slowly and ran toward the door. Caspian and Susan followed as they shook their heads slowly and smiled slightly. 

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