The Chronicles of Narnia: Queen Anna

This story is about Queen Anna who was born into the royal family of Narnia. Anna is pretty much your everyday teenager, living with her mom, Susan, and her dad, Caspian. What she doesn't know though, is that her mom and dad use to be the rulers of Narnia. When Anna finds Narnia, what will happen? Will she take the reasonably or just turn the opportunity down? READ TO FIND OUT!!


2. England

The road trip to England was quiet, no-one said a word. Anna was in the back, her head against the window as Susan sighed. "Try to get some sleep Anna, it will be awhile before we get there." Caspian smiled a little as he passed her the covers and she nodded slowly, smiling back. She covered up and finally fell asleep. In her dreams Anna was in a pink flowy dress with a crown upon her head. She spun around in the crisp spring air before she turned to see people dressed as soldiers and the whit witch that her mom had told her about. Anna didn't know what to do so she just ran to hide behind one of the trees. She overheard the white witch talking to her server's- something about trying to harm the queens daughter?- and then ran off into the woods before anything else could happen. That's when the gentle touch of her mother woke her up. "Sweetie, were here. Aunt Lucy will be waiting for you upstairs and then after lunch will go and show you around England." Susan explained as Anna slowly rose up from her seat and handed the covers back to Caspian. "Ok, that sounds good to me. I'll be upstairs with Lucy unpacking." Anna had said before grasping her bag and running upstairs. Lucy was waiting for her at the doorway just like Susan had said. "Hello Anna, you here. Let me take that for you." Lucy's smile was warm and comforting as she grasped Anna's bag and motioned for Anna to follow her. They passed Edmund and Peter who were studying in the common room and walked into one of the guest rooms. The room was pink, with a polka dotted bed. The posters.on the walls were mainly Christian bands. Anna gasped at the room, it was more beautiful than the one at her old him  was. "I see you like it. I'll leave you to it then, Caspian and Susan should be up soon then we can go and show you around." Lucy said suddenly as she smiled up at Anna. "Thank you Aunt Lucy, for everything. I'll unpack fast." Anna smiled back as she nodded and started unpacking after Lucy left. It took her about an hour and when she was done she sat near the window, glancing out at the view. After a while she heard a knock on her door and looked see Peter smiling at her, "Time to go show you around England." He said while expanding out his hand to help her up. Anna smiled back as she took his hand and linked arms with him. "I can't wait." She said while jerking him lightly down the stairs. In the car Anna began to explain her dream to her family, who just gave her weird looks in return. "Did you say you where wearing a crown?" Edmund asked. "And that the white witch was back?" Peter chimmed in before Anna could answer. Anna just nodded slowly as she shrugged "Its just a dream though right?" Anna half asked as Caspian shook his head and turned to face her. 

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