The old switcheroo

Melissa Klein is a supermodel, actress and dancer. She is famous for her dancing on Broadway. Tilly Brooks is a back up dancer for Melissa, but a freak accident causes their lives to collide in an extraordinary way.


9. Chapter 9

Polly really knew how to party.


By 10 almost everyone was drunk. Polly was busy snogging Ryan Siles, the sleezball. Her makeup was smudged and she'd even started slurring her words. Papparazzi were at the windows, snapping shots of everyone dancing, hoping to get some cheese.
I sat at one of the kitchen stools, watching everyone. Until Mark Robbs pulled me
off of one and made me dance with him.

"So, you having a good time?"

I had to yell over the mad thump of the music,

"Yeah, I guess!"

Before I knew it he started to pull me closer to him, his brow was sweaty.

"I'm going to go get some punch, want any?"

He laughed,

"Oh Mel, try this!"

He handed me a small cocktail glass containing a bright pink liquid, he made me down it in one. It made me smile, then it happened again, what he was trying to do. He pulled me closer, then I practically spilt all my drink straight on the floor. Then we were kissing, right there in the middle of the lounge. I sat down on the sofa, still kissing him, but it wasn't really me kissing him, it was Melissa Klein. Mark started to fiddle with Melissa's blonde curls, his hand started going up my neck, until he hit Melissa's pressure point.


Then I was lying in the middle of the lounge, holding my neck, my eyes screwed shut.



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