The old switcheroo

Melissa Klein is a supermodel, actress and dancer. She is famous for her dancing on Broadway. Tilly Brooks is a back up dancer for Melissa, but a freak accident causes their lives to collide in an extraordinary way.


6. Chapter 6

Polly was pulling my hair back into a neat French plait,

"Oh my god Mel, what, what have you done to your hair? have you been getting Marla to style it and wash it? we totally need to get her on the phone, look, I'll call her!"

She whipped out her super slim pink phone, and started jabbing the numbers in.

"I don't think that's necessary Ms Finch!" Nurse Avans called from behind her Dell computer,

Polly slipped her phone back into her Prada handbag, (All superstars seemed to have these, well, apart from the male side of course), looking like a wounded Chihuahua.

"So, what's all this about not wanting to go through with the 4th of July show? We've both been looking forward to this for a whole year! Mark will be there to watch you know!"

Apparently Mark was Melissa's ultimate crush.

I stuttered

"Well, I'll probably do it but...."

I was cut off by Polly's phone, it started to chime one of her recordings,


"Hang on, I'm putting you on speaker!"

Another person's voice spoke, huskily,

"When are you coming back to the penthouse babe? I've been dying to see you!"

I guessed this was Ryan Siles, Polly's superstar boyfriend.

"Soon, I'll be back with Mel also, so tell Mark!"

She hung up and giggled, grinning at me.

I smiled back, falsely, trying to be happy.

When really I was fighting back tears.

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