The old switcheroo

Melissa Klein is a supermodel, actress and dancer. She is famous for her dancing on Broadway. Tilly Brooks is a back up dancer for Melissa, but a freak accident causes their lives to collide in an extraordinary way.


5. Chapter 5

So I was Melissa Klein now.


It turns out that Melissa didn't have a chance to live back in her own body, she'd knocked out so many brain cells when she hit her head, that she was soon annnounced brain dead.

Of course, no one could know this.

They'd be devastated that Melissa Klein, world sensation had just died.

So I had to honour Melissa's contract, it was me. My old body was in too bad shape to be saved.

Yeah, I was nervous, I'd never modelled before, I'd only danced and echoed a few of Melissa's lyrics in the background. Suddenly a small, thin, pretty teenager strutted into my room.

"Hiya Mel, only me!"

I recognised the teenybopper, she was in so many shoots, covers of magazines, everything.

This was no ordinary teenybopper.

This was Polly Finch.

Melissa's bestie!


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