The old switcheroo

Melissa Klein is a supermodel, actress and dancer. She is famous for her dancing on Broadway. Tilly Brooks is a back up dancer for Melissa, but a freak accident causes their lives to collide in an extraordinary way.


10. Chapter 10

"Mel! Mel! Come on, what's wrong?"

I'd been lifted onto the pink sofa, being examined by a half drunken Polly.

"I'm fine, really, just my pressure point, that's all!"

But the person I was talking to had conked out on the floor. I pulled myself up, the party was still in full swing, but I was just too tired, and Jack the DJ would pack up. I headed to Melissa's fancy bedroom and went to brush my teeth, I looked in the mirror and saw that a few stitches had come undone.

"Oh God!" I panicked, I'd never been in this situation before, I ran across the hall to the only sober person I could find. Jack.

"Oh my God Jack, please help, some of my...."

I suddenly realised I couldn't tell Jack, I couldn't tell anyone.

"Never mind!" I ran across the party, my arms being pulled by various stars,


"Melissa how are you?"

"Are you okay?"

"You look stressed, come sit!"

"Hey Mel, where are you going?"

I shot through the massive crowd outside. I tottered over in my heels, my hair sticking up on end.


I turned around, the teen heart throb Danny Parle grabbed my hand,

"You okay?"

I smiled, and ran as fast as I could, but I couldn't run anymore. My heels were too high and I toppled over I my diamante heels.

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