why louis

this story is bout a 18year old girl named sarah and a charming 19 year old boy named louis will they fall in love or would they stay friends?read to find out


3. out for good

louis pov

its been 2 months since i was in the E.R i was happy to be back.i heard my phone buzz it was harry.

hey r u ok?~sarah

"yea im fine love"

sarahs pov

about 5hours before louis got here i went to climb a tree.i was happy it was close to the house."hey im gonna go climb the tree."i said"be carefull"niall said.i nodded my head and walked to the tree.when i was about 6 feet off the ground i sat down on one of the limbs ad i got a txt from lou

"hey whats up?"

"im climbing."

"climbing what it better not be the tree."

"it is"

"get down from there."

"ok bye xxx."

"be safe and see ya in a few love xxx"

harrys pov

we were talking about football then we heard a scream."HELP AHH"it was sarah.we rushed out of the house and saw her by the tree all bloody."omg what happened to u!"liam nearly shouted"i f-fell off."she started to cry "come on lets get u cleaned up before louis gets here how hi were u?"zayn asked"about 6 feet."she said.before we knew it niall fell down the stairs."ow im ok"he got back up and helped us bring sarah to the shower.

(hey loves xx comment if u want me to make a part two😉)

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