why louis

this story is bout a 18year old girl named sarah and a charming 19 year old boy named louis will they fall in love or would they stay friends?read to find out


2. drama

"im so sorry about him love!"louis said sadly."its ok lou."we started kissing again and he pushed me on the bed.were we really taking it this far after knowing eachother for only a year?were we going to have sex right now?it was all happening way to fast.i pulled back fast"whats wrong love?"he asked me."its just that this is all happening so fast lou" i said softly."oh ok i understand just tell me when ur ready ok" "ok lou"we kissed and he went back to his dorme.

louis pov

when i got back to my dorme kyel was a bitch as always."WTF DUDE WHY WERE U TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH HER!!"he yelled."calm the fuck down dude what do u expect us playing patty cake ha in ur dreams"i said.after that he attacked me.i was rushed to the E.R.it was terrifing.

sarahs pov

"LOUIS!"i yelled running into the E.R"excuse me mrs wheres louis tomlinson!?" "hes in room 248"said mrs.rodgers the counter lady."thank you."i ran to room 248 and when i got there i nocked on the door so hard i thought i would leave a mark"louis?" "sarah oww im glad your here ahh."when i saw louis he had a broken arm,black eye and a broken leg."o-oh my gosh louis how did this happen!""k-kyel did t-this to me."he said holding a ice pack to his eye."louis im so-sorry."i said about to cry."its not your fault sarah."i walked over to him and sat down and started crying."dont be sad love im gonna be ok."he said trying to cheer me up.i stoped crying for awile intil mr.edwards came in."hello u must be sarah."he said to me."h-how do u know my name." "louis here told me alot about u all great things but may i talk to u outside"he said"umm ok."i walked outside with him and he said lou would be in here for about 2 months."im staying with him then." "as u please mam"

louis pov

sarah walked back in worried."u have to stay here for about 2 months and im staying with u." she said when i heard her i started to cry alittle."really go back to school ill stay here." "not alone i called the school and they said it was ok so im staying here."she said.i couldnt find the right words to say at that moment.i fell asleep but when i woke up she looked more beautiful then the day i met her."hey u woke up"she said happily."hello beautiful."she sat down beside me then a guy i didnt know ran in."SARAH WHAT R U DOING HERE."the guy said pretty pissed."IS IT ANY OF UR BISNISS KEGAN LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE."she yelled at him.after a few minutes it turned into a screaming match and sarah finally called security and he left."love what was that about who was he why did he come in here?"i asked her"well that was my ex kegan and im still mad at him because he broke my heart for no reason and i dont know why he came in here."she said about to cry again"i have to go to the restroom" "bye love" "bye"when she came out her arm was coffered with cuts and so was he neck."SARAH WHAT DID U DO!" "i um cut myself im sorry."she said sadly "no no no no why sarah we talked about this no more cutting!" i started to cry a bit.

sarahs pov

when i saw lou start crying i started to cry."louis im sorry." "j-just promise me no more of this self harm ok"he said seriously."i promise

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