why louis

this story is bout a 18year old girl named sarah and a charming 19 year old boy named louis will they fall in love or would they stay friends?read to find out


1. back to school

louis tomlinson 19

kyel george 19

sarah broussard 18

samantha peterson 17

mrs.rodgers 58

mrs.huckleberry 69

kegan 19

today was the begging of high school grade and i was still a nobody.it sucked.wen i got to school i saw a kid i have never seen.he had brown hair an brown eyes." girl with the red shirt and skinny jeans i need to talk to u."he yelled at someone."are u talking to me."i said"duh come here.""no i dont want to"i yelled back.before i knew it he ran to me and tackled me."hi im louis im new here!"he said happily to me."umm hi lewis."i said to him."louis l o u i s its pronounced louie."he said helping me up."ok louis."i said to him.after a few hours of talking to eachother we became friends and wanted the same dorme or next to eachother."no im sorry sarah u two cant have the same room."said mrs.huckleberry."why not"i said whining."because its the rules."she said.when i went bqck to tell louis the news he got upset and sassy."that isnt fair!"he pouted."i know lou-"i said but he interupted me."it isnt fair i cant have the same room as a girl that i really like wow jacked up school."he yelled."u like me louis?"i said hopeing he did."what haha were did u get that i dont like u ok fine i do."he said sweating nervously."why arnt u running away screaming HE LIKES ME EWW?"he said concerned."because i-"then i got interupted by the school prep."attention everybody we got a new couple!"alyssa said."whats your name?""louis"he said scared"hmm louis and sarah couple name larah? or souis?hahaha"everybody started laughing at us.i was completely embaressed until louis got sassy again."SHUT THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!"he yelled."wow good job like wow."i said sarcasticly."oh shush btw i never got your name."louis said nugging me."oh im sarah but u can call me kar."i said to him."why kar?"said louis concerned."oh its because im bad luck."i said turnimg sad.after awile we went to our rooms and started txting eachother.

(8:30 pm)



"so who's your roomate?"

"a really nice named samantha hbu?"

"ug a jerk named kyel"

"oh i have to go to sleep bye xx"

"bye see u tommorow xxx"

Louis pov

when i woke up i decided to go to her dorme and see if she wanted to sneak out and get some fro yo."sarah sarah sarah sarah sarah"i said copying my favirote caracter from big bang theroy sheldon."hey louis whats up."she said opening the door."you wanna ditch and get some fro yo?"i said."louis i want to but were gonna get in trouble."she said looking prettier when she was mad."fine."

sarah pov

when i went back in my dorme with louis he looked around suprised.my phone lit up and i got a message from my friend kelcei. "hey i need to talk to u call me asap!"right when i was about to call her i remembered lou was in our dorme."um excuse me for a sec.""mmk bye"he said calmly.


"hey u remember the advice u gave me?"

"yea why"

"well i ignored it and asked someone else"


"im sorry sarah its just ur advice never works"

"u know what this is it fuck u fuck this conversation im blocking u bye!"

after i hung up i walked back in my dorme to see louis at the door aparently estroping."HOLY SHIT LOUIS"i yelled."sorry sarah!so what was that u know what fuck u fuck this about?"he asked me."my "friend"is a trader"i said about to cry.

louis pov

hey hey its ok"i said trying to get sarah to calm down as i pulled her closer to me.she started to cry and we sat down on her bed and she was leaning her head on my shoulder."i cant belive she w-would d-do that t-to me"she said crying harder."i know its ok sarah" after about 20 minutes she feel asleep so i started to play with her hair."hehe how can she still be asleep se still looks beautiful"i said talking to myself.after awile i kissed her forehead and she woke up."l-louis?""yes love?""what h-happened w-why are u in my dorme?"u let me in then had a convorsation with kelcei and came in here and started crying" "oh" "hey i need to ask u a question""whats up lou?" "well u know i like u and i wanted to know if u wanted to go out with me?" "sure lou!"she said.after that i was so exited i got up and toke her hand then spun her around and kissed her.

sarah pov

i couldnt belive i was kissing louis.i tried to pull out but he stoped me.after awile he pushed me up agaist the wall and we were still kissing.before we knew it samantha woke up and kyel walked in."WHAT THE FUCK"they both yelled at the same time.louis got so scared that he jumped on the bed and droped me"OW!"i screamed "sorry love what do u want kyel."louis said."i wanted to know where u were and who is this sexy lady?"kyel said staring at me biting his lip."sorry kyel she's taken......BY ME!"louis yelled."what did u say boy!"kyel said bulling louis about to punch him."STOP KYEL"said mrs.huckleberry."fine!"said kyel as he left.i helped louis up and huged him.

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