Partners In Crime

When Jenna, girlfriend of Harry Styles, meets Louis at collage after the band have split, Harry changes..


2. The End.


"Well then why don't we just end it!" Louis screamed from the other room. I gasped in shock from behind the door, covering my mouth. I pressed my ear harder against the door. There was a horrible silence in the room.

"Really?" I heard Niall whisper.

"We just haven't been getting along lately." Louis says, deflated.

"That's only because you're always late, and you're being such an ass Louis! If you were on time, we wouldn't be so stressed, and maybe we'd have more time together!" Harry shouted. I was questioning whether to interrupt, but I decided it was best not to.

"Harry!" Liam said firmly. "Maybe Lou is right. We just can't seem to get on," he sighs "Maybe it's for the best."

"You can't be serious." Harry laughs. "I can't believe we're going to throw away our friendship just like that. Brothers guys, c'mon." Harry says, trying to persuade them.

"Yeah, I'm with Harry," Niall speaks up "Is this really how it has to end?"

"Have you got a better idea?" Zayn spits.

There's silence.

"Thought not." Zayn spits.

"You guys are really ready to just give up?" Harry asks, voice cracking mid sentence. There's a loud silence. Harry sighs and sits on the sofa.

"So, tonight is your last performance?" One of the modest members speaks up.

"I guess." Niall says, choking on his tears.

"We have to sing all of our songs. Xfactor songs and all. We'll end with forever young or torn." Harry suggests.

"Ok. It's settled. Will you announce it at the concert?" Management ask.

"We'll have too." Louis sighs.

"What about the other concerts?" Harry says, raising his voice again.

"What other concerts?" Louis yells back.

"This is the last show of the tour, remember?" Management but in, again.



As soon as they all begin to stand up, I run towards the waiting room; I wasn't supposed to be listening. I see the door open, and all the boys walked out, looking extremely broken. I stood up and rushed towards them all, and pulled them into a group hug. They all squirmed a bit, so I let go and put my hands on my hips.

"Guys, you're just being childish now." I said firmly.

"Sorry." They all muttered. I smiled and pulled them into a group hug.

"So, this is really it?" I said, releasing them. They all gave me a puzzled look. "What, you really think I wait out here the whole time?" I laughed, making them smile slightly, but it didn't last long.

"Yes, it is, and it's all his fault!" Harry yelled, pointing at Louis.

"Harry-" I began

"No, you know what? How is it my fault?" Louis yelled back.

"You know why!" Harry yelled.

"Clearly I don't!"
"Boys." I say, but they ignore me. The other boys and I are left standing there in horror.

"Louis, the asshole that decides to sleep with my sister!" Harry screams, and our jaws drop to the floor. It goes horribly silent, as the whole office was watching.

"Harry, it was one night-" Louis says, slightly more calmer.

"I don't care, you still slept with my sister, Louis! You said you'd be together, all happy, and I trusted you, Louis. But no, the very next day, you go off with Eleanor! You broke my sisters heart!" Harry screamed, throwing a punch at Louis, missing. Louis' face was screwed up in anger as he threw a punch at Harry, also missing.

"Boys!" I yelled, stepping between them, cowering slightly, scared of being hit.

"Just clear off Louis." Harry cried, running out the door.

"I'll call you guys later!" I yelled behind me as I ran after Harry.


I stood backstage at the last ever One Direction concert. Only two songs left. Torn, and forever young. The fans are noticing the boys behaviour.

"Ok guys, we have two songs left. After this song we have an announcement." Liam says glumly, but the fans scream anyway. I keep catching Harry's eye, and giving him a sympathetic smile. He always gives me a forced smile back. After Torn, It's hard to stop myself from crying.

"Guys, we have an announcement." Niall said, hushing the fans.

"As you may know, we haven't been getting along recently." Harry says, his voice cracking, eyes brimming with tears.

"And we've been debating this for a long time." Liam speaks up.

"And we have finally decided," Niall takes a deep breath, "to split up." The crowd gasps and screams in horror, and sobs are heard all around the stadium.

"And we thought the best way to end it, was to our favourite song." Louis smiles forcefully.

"Forever Young." Zayn says, and begins singing. The arena lights up with lighter and phone screen's, fans still sobbing. The stadium was quiet apart from the boys gentle singing. Then, suddenly, on the screen behind them, their best moments flash up. From the video diaries, to their movie. The boys turn around and watch their moments together, arms round each other. Their eyes filling with more and more tears by the second, when finally, they spill. At the end of the song, it's still silent. No applause, no screaming, nothing.

"Thank you." Louis says, voice wobbly.

"Thank you for getting us to where we are." Harry says, tears still falling.

"You are the greatest fans in the world." Liam speaks up, wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

"You guys are so amazing." Niall laughs through his tears.

"And we love you." They chorus.

"Thank you, we were One Direction." They chorus. The all pull into a group hug, and cry on each other's shoulder. And just like that, One Direction was over.

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