My Story (so far)

This is my story. This is not made up, this is complete truth. For obvious reasons I changed names, but other than that everything is real. This is NOT the story of a popular girl, because that is not my reality. This IS the story of me. Skylar Rayne. And I never want anyone to have to go through the heck I did.



3. the start of bulling

When I was in the third grade, it was obvious that me and Jamie were never going to get along. I was ok with that but she kept hogging Shae. I would call Shae for a sleepover, Jamie was there, Shae invited me for a play day, oh Jamie is coming too. I didn't mind hanging out with her, but when Shae wasn't around, Jamie would give me the Death Glare, as if to say "back off! She is my best friend. NOT YOURS!"

After a while, Jamie started bullying me. It wasn't hitting, but it was passive aggressive bullying. Look it up if you need to because it's really hard for me to explain. Anyway. I was really hurt by it, but I never told anyone. It only got worse and worse.

One day I finally told the teacher(not mrs poier) about it, and she practically told me to suck it up. So I did.

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