My Story (so far)

This is my story. This is not made up, this is complete truth. For obvious reasons I changed names, but other than that everything is real. This is NOT the story of a popular girl, because that is not my reality. This IS the story of me. Skylar Rayne. And I never want anyone to have to go through the heck I did.



2. Grades K-2

The first years or so of school were pretty normal. More friends, teachers I liked, and teachers I hated. I found out that my best friend also had another best friend named Jamie. I didn't know why, but she got on my nerves a lot. I had a favourite teacher, her name was Mrs.Porier (poy-yay). I went out of my way to be good and say hi to her in the halls. One Valentines day I BEGGED my mom to let me get her a present and I got her this mug that had a really cool pink and red pattern on it with a little teddy bear. He absolutely loved it and as far as I know (the last time I saw her was in grand five) she still uses it. And she has the little teddy bear on his desk. I felt happy in her class and she sensed I didn't like going outside in the winter so she always made something for me to do at recess and lunch. Wether it was clapping the chalk brushes, to cutting out stuff for the art projects, to drawing her pictures because 'the walls were to empty.' I miss her.

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