My Story (so far)

This is my story. This is not made up, this is complete truth. For obvious reasons I changed names, but other than that everything is real. This is NOT the story of a popular girl, because that is not my reality. This IS the story of me. Skylar Rayne. And I never want anyone to have to go through the heck I did.



5. grade 5-now

I was still popular in the fifth grade, even though my lack of friends. The bullying got worse every day. I told teachers but they told me to go play. They did nothing. Eventually, I got meaner. I didn't bully people, but I wasn't a pleasant person. I was always defensive and hardly talked to people. One day I got an anonymous note saying that I had been bumped down on the popular scale to number 2. That didn't really big me. What bugged me was the reason I had been bumped down was because I was hanging out with some of my really good friends. I went to the principal and he figured out who wrote it. Two of my closest 'friends'. Alex and Niesha.

At this time my parents knew none of this. I put all my emotion into my dance. One day in November, my mom had just picked me up from my Tuesday hip-hop and we were in the driveway finishing our DQ. When she said "are you ready to have a wonderful day at school tomorrow?"

That's when I broke down crying. I told her everything I had kept in for three years. I told her about Jamie, about how Shae took her side, and how Niesha wrote that note. When I had finished, my mom said I could stay home from school tomorrow and rest. That day I made myself sick. I stopped eating and barely slept. All I could think of was that when I get better my mom will make me go back to school. I often cried. I was only ten. And I refused to eat. I puked up anything in my stomach (not on purpose. I puked because I was scared) until one day when my mom came in and told me that I never had to step foot on that campus ever again. She told me that I had an interview for an amazing Christian private school in a couple days. On that night my mom made pasta, and I ate so much that she needed to make even more. I went to my interview and got accepted. I started the next Monday and by the time I started, I already knew two people. Hannah from summer camp, and Cheya because I had a sleepover with her the weekend before I started. (Our moms are besties). I finished grade five there and made wonderful friends that I hang out with ALL THE TIME. And my very best friend is Cheya, even though we are polar opposites. Although, I'll expand on that later. I've been at my new school ever since and I'm loving it. Look forward to updating this as I get older. Bye for now!


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