My Story (so far)

This is my story. This is not made up, this is complete truth. For obvious reasons I changed names, but other than that everything is real. This is NOT the story of a popular girl, because that is not my reality. This IS the story of me. Skylar Rayne. And I never want anyone to have to go through the heck I did.



4. grade 4

She didn't stop. Jamie just kept bullying. It got to the point where I thought my only friend was Niesha. But Jamie wasn't popular, every one said I was the most popular girl in school, even though I never acted like it. I reconnected with new friends at recess and they became some of my really good friends now. Except for one. I thought she was one of my best friends, but she was a really bad influence. We went door to door selling cookie dough, without an adult, to complete strangers, and we could have been kidnapped and no one would know because her mom only said to be back before the street lamps were on. We had play days all the time, but I started to hate her when she stole the dress I wore to my mom and step dads wedding. Her mom was the one to return it to me after finding it in Lilys closet. Lily also told me that if I were to be thee friend, I would have to change every thing about me. That's when I stopped handing out with her.

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