Train Through Time

Did you ever want to travel through Europe by train, see all those cultures and societies, and acquire so much, so that one day you can tell your journeys to your offspring, grand kids and the world maybe?

Well, this is such an adventure of a young fellow who has been roaming through Europe by train and even as far as the Middle East.

However, this adventure is not only physical but also mystical and takes you as the bibliophile through many contemplations of your own that strife you throughout life.

If you want to accomplish something in life, this might be the inspiration and motivation to change your life - for the better.

Take a journey around the world and who knows, maybe you can write your own adventure.


5. Or Not?

So i arrived early morning in Munich. I have been here before and I definitely like it. I love Hamburg a bit more though. I had to get off the train and move fast for the next train towards Austria and Hungary. Yes, I think it was a 6 hours trip and I kind of hoped that I could sleep a bit more. But to my surprise it was only seats. Ah well its only six hours of a trip. As the trip started Gosh and Oh my Day. If you want to see beauty and nature at its best, you have to see the mountains of Austria and Germany. This was just like a painting. But every painting needs a painter right? I noticed that Austria didn’t look that much different than Germany. A bit dark though but other than that pretty much the same. But boy did I get a surprise as soon the train entered Hungary. It looked liked it was leftovers from a war. It looked really poor. Even the faces of the people looked like, yeah well, hey, this is East Europe. They would have there own bottles with them and drink. It started to smell in the train. Man, could there really be this huge a gap between Munich and Budapest? It looked to me like a forsaken country. A country that honestly could need help. It seemed to me that the country was poor but then again compared to Denmark which country wouldn’t seem poor? I don’t know if it was me or the result of being too much around negative people in Denmark and that caused me looking with those negative goggles, but the people didn’t quite look friendly to me. Anyways we arrived in Budapest and all eyez on me. The thiefs were looking at me and hinting to start the move. I had hiding everything under my skin though hahah. It was under my jacket. The next train was leaving towards Timisoara within 10 minutes! Buckle up and run! Who understands English in this country? Anyways lucky to run fast and got my tickets and guess what, the train just stood still for the next 30 minutes. So much sweating and so much stress for nothing. I guess those budhist guys were right when they said don’t stress. Oh and one thing again. Normal seats again.
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