Train Through Time

Did you ever want to travel through Europe by train, see all those cultures and societies, and acquire so much, so that one day you can tell your journeys to your offspring, grand kids and the world maybe?

Well, this is such an adventure of a young fellow who has been roaming through Europe by train and even as far as the Middle East.

However, this adventure is not only physical but also mystical and takes you as the bibliophile through many contemplations of your own that strife you throughout life.

If you want to accomplish something in life, this might be the inspiration and motivation to change your life - for the better.

Take a journey around the world and who knows, maybe you can write your own adventure.


4. Leaving Stress behind

Getting on the Hamburg – Munich train on the first class coupe I might say. That is like wow for me. I have never voyaged first class before. I have been doing some travelling one economy class, middle class maybe but never first class. I was really looking forward to it.

Nevertheless, as I came to my compartment I was truly disappointed. It was tiny, tiny, tiny. It had a washbasin, mirror, and a place to hang jackets and not to forget they offered breakfast.

I loved the TT though; he was really kind and friendly.

So there I lay on me bed and waited to reach Munich.

It was nighttime and the train started to move.

I realized I was moving further away from Denmark. Further away from family, friends, my hood, my home, our community but honestly I think it is good to leave some behind.

There are people who simply give you headaches and boy am I glad I am leaving those behind.

Even though something inside of me kept telling that, it has not how it is supposed to be. Maybe we are supposed to keep on trying to make them better.

Nevertheless, we humans apart from Gods chosen ones cannot keep on going or can we?

Especially when it is the cause of stress.  What would you do? I would try a couple of times, and then I’d give up. I would forgive and forget, but I would take necessary precautions in the future so I don’t get stuck with people who stresses you. Maybe just help them when it is possible particularly for the greater cause. I think it’s better to keep away and focus on my own goals and personal development normally.

I mean certain people from certain areas known as being somewhat “special” to be frank. These guys would even though if they wanted to help you, hurt you, even though they have good intentions and they can’t unite upon evil nor good. So how are we supposed to work with such people?

The best part is that if you do something good these guys want a part of it. If you do something voluntarily and you start something up from the bottom these guys want to pull your leg so you don’t advance.

And the worst part is that some of these guys just spread rumors about you so that your character is known as something bad in the community.

Am glad I am leaving all that behind for now. I want to travel out and see if I can remove the stress caused by these and to see if I can build me up somehow so that these fellas nor others can stress me. Wouldn’t you like that? Wouldn’t you like to be able to know how not to become stressed and be calm and easy, relaxed and aware at all time?

Ross actually talks about it in Friends – Unagi. You probably remember that episode. Hilarious btw. But it does exist. Just watch the Buddhists from Tibet. They are never stressed and they live like thousands of years don’t they?

I was falling asleep but before that, I had to say a prayer. The Creator who listens without having ears, I’m answering a call, if it’s for my benefit and a true call then guide me, if it vain, if it’s my imagination, then help me towards better than this. You know what’s better for me even if I think something is better for me, I could be wrong. So help me, guide me and let me find myself so I can understand life and live in the best way possible.

Yes, I do believe there’s a Creator, an unseen one. Because if we could see the Creator He would be limited. Limited in space and time and hence also die or be killed. Abraham destroyed the idols of his people and said they destroyed each other HAHAHA.  The Arabs would eat the Gods they created out of dates. A God that is not limited can do anything and nothing can do anything to Him.

Goodie Goodie night. Am reaching Munich tomorrow hopefully. I’ll tell you what goes on there. Ive got like ten minutes to reach the other train leaving for Budapest. Streeeeessssss!!!!§!#¤¤”#¤%¤

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