Train Through Time

Did you ever want to travel through Europe by train, see all those cultures and societies, and acquire so much, so that one day you can tell your journeys to your offspring, grand kids and the world maybe?

Well, this is such an adventure of a young fellow who has been roaming through Europe by train and even as far as the Middle East.

However, this adventure is not only physical but also mystical and takes you as the bibliophile through many contemplations of your own that strife you throughout life.

If you want to accomplish something in life, this might be the inspiration and motivation to change your life - for the better.

Take a journey around the world and who knows, maybe you can write your own adventure.


2. Contemplation - Turn back or move forward

The train left from the main train station in Copenhagen towards Germany. It was a bit cold as I still wore my sweater and had the Viking cap on my head watching as the sceneries passed by. Actually, it all stood still and firm and I was moving, moving towards the call.

Some might say it is a stupid intuition and there is no such thing as a divine call. Well then, do not call it a call and just call it thought that strove my mind during one of my pondering hours during the midnights of a big city where it is silent and you can actually hear yourself think.

During daytime, I got family, friends and Facebook. Therefore, you tell me when I can find the time to think about my goals, my plans, and myself and for the future and what I want to do with life. Either its school or work or puffing and watching the street with the ghetto hoodlums. Nah they are all right. I could have done worse. I could have ended up in jail. I could have died by an overdose as my old pal from kindergarten. I could have become a drug dealer or a smuggler. If it were not for my dad, someone probably would have found me in the gutter.

Alternatively, maybe as a new Escobar of Copenhagen. Yes, I knew the Pakis who had the heroin market. I knew the Lebanese and Moroccans who had the hashish market. Friends of mine. Well actually not. In real, they were timewasting leeches that sucked so many years out of me. I could have had been working my way up being somebody. A bigger and more important slave than those who worked with me at Burger King.

However, I thank my dad for changing my life, by force albeit, but he saved me from becoming the man who could gather the crime families and make them work together and pollute the youth and streets even more than now.

My dad’s belief and good deeds, and his years of servicing people, he actually cooked free and for the love of the one slain in Nineveh feeding people had to bring good karma to him and his family.

You might not believe in karma. Nevertheless, the majority of the people around the globe does. Put it simple it is if you do badly you are going to munch bad, you do good, and you are going to get good even if through bad.

Finally reaching the ship, 30 minutes of watching the ocean and sky before reaching Germany. Buying duty-free chocolate and something to drink.

I was leaving behind family, friends and my life. What a change. I am going to go by train for thousands of kilometers. I had planned the trip with minimum waiting time possible.

There was a dilemma and there will be dilemmas in one’s life. Here was mine before I left. I wanted to change everything and answer the call or stay and get an 8-16 job, vacation to times a year, working for getting weekends off and have a normal life like everyone else or just take the decision most people fear to take?

I went for it. Will you?








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