Train Through Time

Did you ever want to travel through Europe by train, see all those cultures and societies, and acquire so much, so that one day you can tell your journeys to your offspring, grand kids and the world maybe?

Well, this is such an adventure of a young fellow who has been roaming through Europe by train and even as far as the Middle East.

However, this adventure is not only physical but also mystical and takes you as the bibliophile through many contemplations of your own that strife you throughout life.

If you want to accomplish something in life, this might be the inspiration and motivation to change your life - for the better.

Take a journey around the world and who knows, maybe you can write your own adventure.


3. Assasinated in Hamburg

The train arrived in Hamburg Hauptbahnoff where I had some time before the next train would leave for Munich. So went out and had me a Shawarma. Call it a kebab if you rather want it to be called that. Hamburg is known for many things. It is one of the greatest harbor city ­in Europe and what a beauty it is.

People in Hamburg would eat sweets and donuts for lunch or maybe sausages. But hey, no swine for me. Hamburg is also known for its museums, it has a mini train model museum, a horror museum and not to mention it’s well known red light district called St. Pauli.

My father grew up in Germany. So I naturally felt like I was home here. Yes the genes do have memory don’t they?

It’s like that person who told me that just as water can remember things and be effected by positive and negative energy, which is released from human beings through their words, deeds or feelings, so does semen.

That is why it is stressed so much that when you plan to have a child plan it well. Eat healthy and natural. Eat sweet fruits and be free from stress, worries, and other negative things that can affect the semen and child.

Nevertheless, I do not think that people in St. Pauli or the majority of the globe cares about this. For them sex is just to enjoy the best thing in life or to get their need satisfied. In St. Pauli, it is not even about that. Its about beers, prostitution, drugs and you know the rest.

Hamburg also has a quite large gay community. I actually was so unlucky to see two of these men who had part of the rear part of their pants cut off and walking free in public.

For crying out loud. In some countries, you are not allowed to wear a cross around the neck but here you can walk naked in the city.

The big lake Alster was beautiful though. I noticed that the rich part of the city had housings around this lake. By the way, there was this beautiful mosque that I had never seen before. It had a view to the the lake and was so inspirational and peaceful.

I know there exists islamophobia even though our Medias deny it but this was so much far from all that media crap.

I had to go inside and im glad I did. Oh, if you have not seen inside of this mosque you have not seen anything in life. It was so peacefull, so inspirational that I just sat there and pondered.

If there is a God, You want our best. So give me whats best for me. If there is an afterlife, then let me end up in paradise, which could be as peaceful and beautiful as this mosque.

I was lucky enough to see the leader of the mosque named Ayatollah Ramazani. Full of charisma and his face was shining and added more light to his white beard. He said that the goal of religion is to help humanity achieve its goals – perfection.

This made me think. Perfection. Human perfection? Are we talking superpowers or marvel heroes? What is human perfection? No human being has ever been perfect and it is just impossible.

The Ayatollah then explained:

“When you look at a tree and define it as a tree with roots, tree trunk, leaves and fruits, its perfect as a tree. So everything has a potential to reach its perfection. Just as a tree has potential to reach its perfection so has man. The tree needs dirt, watering, sunshine and also to be cut and trimmed. We humans need to cut and trim our bad deeds, habits and actions and fill ourselves with good qualities such as mercy, compassion, love and work our way to reach perfection and become a perfect human being whom then has fruits and by this we mean that this perfect human being then can help and guide others towards perfection”.

My mind just froze. I was nuked inside my head. This was from a different world. This could definitely not be Islam. This was definitely not the Islam I knew and heard about. Not did this only tear my worldview apart but also inspired my somehow and motivated me enormously. I want to reach perfection. I want to be that green tree that gives oxygen and fruits. I want to be that tree that others gain from so that even if they chop me and cut me down they can use my wooded pieces for their home and house.

Someone once said:

“Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it”.

This created a war in my mind, in the depths of my soul and my heart was a battlefield. My worldview and against this which my inner and nature longed for and had longed for since birth. This was the call I wanted to answer!

Time to head back and catch the train towards Munich. A long journey was still waiting for me.


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