The Nerd Project

Emily Everhart. Your schools stereo-typical, big glasses nerd. Not that she minds, after all it's what she's been labeled since she began fifth grade. What happens when one day everything changes and she strives to change who she is? Time to get to work...


2. Chapter 1

Emily's PoV


   I pulled the shapeless sweater vest over my body, pushing my glasses higher up my nose as I sniffled. First day of school. I can't believe I was going into junior year, the time has passed so fast. I pulled half my hair up into a pony tail, leaving the rest to fall aimlessly around my head. I quickly pulled my book bag onto my shoulder, afraid to be late as I rushed downstairs.

   I took an apple from the fruit bowl, wiping it off with my sleeve before chunking out a bite. As I ate, I hurried out the door, making sure to lock it before hurrying the the entrance of my drive way. Just like last year, I leaned against the bus pole, eating and studying before the large yellow bus pulled up, kids giving me disgusting looks. I ignored the stares, quickly standing and dusting my loose jeans off. I climbed onto the bus, a ball of paper immediately hitting my shoulder. I flinched, watching as it dropped to the metallic ground.

   "Hey, nerd! Forgot to take notes, mind doing it for me?" A guy yelled as everybody laughed. It's a wonder the bus driver never did anything about this. Even if it wasn't her job, some support would be nice. I brushed his remark off, finding the only seat left in the back. Maybe I could stand in the front, anything but having to lounge in the back. That's where all the populars were and the last time I came near them, I came home in tears.

   "Ma'am, you must take a seat before I can close the doors and drive." The bus driver spoke rudely as I sighed, awkwardly shuffling pass the seats and towards the back. Everybody stared at me, so I kept my gaze on my feet, my arms tightly clutching my books, my glasses sliding down my nose.

   I finally reached the seat, and just as I was about to sit down, the bus lurched forward causing me to fly forward, smacking my forehead against the back wall. Ow. A chorus of laughter erupted as my cheeks reddened, along with the bump on my forehead. Unnoticeable but still there. I took my seat with shaking legs, sitting on edge as eyes turned to observe me.

   "What the hell kind of outfit is that?" I heard a whisper as I took a breath, trying to keep the tears from rolling down my already tinted cheeks.

   "Look at her hair, ew."

   "Oh my goodness, I've seen those shoes! On my grandma's feet!"

   I forwarded my eyebrows, looking down at my tennis shoes. They weren't the most attractive thing but they were the only things I could afford to invest in.

   The bus ride was long and torturous but eventually we arrived at school, everybody pushing past me until I was the last person exiting. I jumped down from the last step, walking towards the entrance as my untamed hair fell in my face.

   "Another torturous day in hell..." I muttered before pushing the doors open.





Hey guys its short but its just an intro so dont give up on this story! :) Also, if you need a cover make sure to go and check out my cover store! Love ya :) x




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