Stories are told, about witches, warlocks, zombies, werewolves, vampires, angles and demons…the possibilities are endless. But I know better. I know that they aren’t worthy of the time of day too, and I know this because I have more important things on my mind, like the real immortal enemy our planet faces today. Like Toxin. Toxin is our poison. And yes, you could call it magical, spell casting, the walking dead, flesh hungry, blood thirsty, angelic, or even demonic. You’re not wrong. But what it truly is is silent. A silent killer. And every day we mimic it. We are silent, keeping its existence a secret, and murdering, because we try to end its harmful course to protect our race. Yet we fail, miserably, as we would soon find out. As everybody, would soon find out.


1. Discovering something new...

I sit there staring out of the window, watching the cars zoom past below, and the sky above transporting slowly. The office blocks and shopping centers are uncountable, and come in varying sizes. The one opposite is just larger than the university. It was a sunny day in London, which was rare, but nice. To most it went unnoticed, but to her it was the first thing on her mind, the weather. Because she was looking further than the fluffy clouds and luminous sunbeams, she was looking at the air. And as she knew, and only she knew, one day it would turn to ash...

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