Teddy Lupin

The Story of Tonks and Remus's son, Teddy Lupin.


10. The Explanation


     The first thing Teddy saw when he woke up was the white ceiling before him. He was in the Hospital Wing, lying on a bed. He looked at the watch Harry gave him a long time ago : a watch that showed not only the time, but the day of the week as well. 'Half past 8, Wednesday.' They had Transfiguration with the Ravenclaws. That was probably why he was the only one in the room. He got up and looked around. On the table next to him, there was a pile of sweets and a note that said 'Hope you get better soon,mate!   Felix and Victoire' Teddy smiled and wondered how much time he spent in the Hospital Wing, when the door suddenly swung open and Madam Pomfrey came in. 

    'My dear boy, you woke up!', she said rushing towards the bed he was in.'You need to eat something, you've been sleeping for the past few days!'

    'How many?',Teddy asked, taking the glass of water from her hands and taking a sip. 

    'Three. Your friends have visited you a lot, but they're in class now.'

     'Shouldn't I...?'

     'No,dear. Headmistress McGonagall wants to speak to you. She'll call all your paren - I mean, tutors to school.'

   'Well,than I'll be going...', he said, his hair turning purple. It had been brown, his natural color, until now. 

  'Yes, I think you should. But tell me, are you feeling well? Are you dizzy or..?'

  'No, I'm fine, thank you.'

He got out of bed and headed towards McGonagall's office. He found her hanging another portrait on the wall, but she put it back on her desk when he came in.

   'Lupin, I'm delighted to see you're awake. Take a seat.'

 Teddy did as he was told and soon found himself explaining her everything that had happened.

   'Who was it exactly?',she asked after he finished. 'You mentioned Bulstrode and Goyle. Who else?'

  'Well, there was Peter Jones..umm.. a Slytherin girl, I'm almost sure she was Rose Everdeen... there was Whisper Hunts...But the girls were just standing there, they didn't really do anything... and two more boys I didn't recognize.'

  'You have no idea who they were?'

  'No. Sorry,Professor. But they didn't do anything either.'

 'I see. Well,Lupin, you can join your classmates in class  and I will owl Potter- I mean, Mr.Potter and the other parents.'

  'Thank you, I guess, Professor. Goodbye.'


                                                              *              *           *

Teddy hated it when people stared at him. Sure, it was funny for him too when he morphed and he didn't mind when they looked at him then, but as he entered the classroom, even Percy stopped talking and Teddy felt countless eyes set on him.

    'Good morning, Teddy, take a seat.',Percy finally said and Teddy sat down next to Felix.'As I was saying, you have to concentrate, to manage Avifors. Felix? Would you mind explaining Teddy what he has to do?'

    'Not at all,Professor.',Felix answered.

Teddy soon learned that Avifors could transform anything into a bird, or a flock of birds, if the spell is powerful enough.

    'Avifors!', he tried, but nothing happened to the book he was pointing at. 'Avifors!' This time, silver wings grew out of it, but it was not able to fly, the body still being a heavy book.

    'Well done, Teddy! But could you try to..umm.. transform all of it?'

   'Avifors!'Again, nothing happened, and the book was still trying to fly. He looked around and saw what once was Victoire's book, flying up to Percy's desk. 

   'Wonderful! Six points to Ravenclaw!' 

   'Avifors!' This time, the whole book turned into a silver bird and flew towards Percy. It almost fell on the way, but it reached his desk.

   Felix had to speak the incantation a couple more times, when his book transformed into a bird. The class ended quickly and the boys went up to their common rooms to get their brooms. They were supposed to have Potions, but Professor Slughorn had Spattergroit so they decided to train a bit for Quidditch. After all, their first game was in four days. 

   'So,Ted, are..are you alright?'

  'I'm fine,really. Harry's going to come soon, McGonagall says he'll owl him and the parents of the Slytherins who..y'know.'

  'Well,that's great, isn't it?'

  'I guess...Now c'mon, we've got to train!',Teddy said, smiling. They headed towards the pitch.


                                                             *           *           * 

'Teddy!', he heard a familiar voice. He turned around to see Jessie Wood rushing towards him. 'You're awake! Thank Merlin!'

 'I am.', Teddy answered,smiling.

 'The game's in four days and we didn't have one Beater and you were still- and we were-'

 He laughed and summoned his broom. He had practiced it so much during the past few weeks he could do it without speaking.

  'Well, I've got Divination, and, as much as I would want to skip it, I'll fail if I do. See you at practice!', she said, leaving. 

                                                          *             *            * 

They were in the middle of the game, when he saw McGonagall's silhouette below him. 


 He quickly descended, and landed next to her.

  'Follow me. I think there's someone you would want to see.'

 He did as he was told, and soon entered the castle and the Headmistress' office. There was a tall, black-haired man waiting for them, a man Teddy knew too well.

   'Harry!', he said, jumping  into his godfather's arms and changing his hair to jet-black, like Harry's.

   'Hey,Teddy! How are you?'

   'OK,I guess. You? How are James, Albus and little Lily?'

  'Great. They all say hello.'

   'Lupin,Potter, sit down, our other guest will soon arrive.'

Teddy looked at her with a smile,realizing she still treated Harry like a student.

   'Of course,Professor.',they both answered in a chorus, sharing a smile.

The door swung open and Michael Goyle and his father, Gregory Goyle, came in. The boy looked like an exact copy of his father,if you would minus a few weight. Goyle, the father, also had a much more fierce figure, and a scary look in his eyes.

   'Potter.', he said, looking Harry up and down.

  'Goyle.', Harry said, getting up. There was silence for a few moments and none of the men made any attempts to shake the other one's hand. 

Next, a short, fat woman entered the room, followed by her son, Mike Bulstrode. There was no resemblance, except for the eyes. They had the same black eyes, full of hatred.

She sat down on one of the chairs and so did her son. 

 Peter Jones, Felix's step-brother, came in, followed by a young, tall man. He looked very much like Peter, but a smile lightened his face when he saw McGonagall. 

  'Professor!', he said shaking her hand. Next, he looked around and noticed Harry. Mr. Jones walked up to him and shook his hand. Teddy noticed how surprised Harry was of the man's kindness.

   'Harry Potter, is it? I'm Sebastian Jones.'

After a few minutes, Whisper Hunts had come inn with her mother and Rose Everdeen, with her father.

  'Now that we are all here, let us hear  what happened. Our Herbology Professor, Neville Longbottom, told me he saw Teddy Lupin get.. to use a common term, beaten up by a couple of other students. Lupin, would you want to tell us the complete story?', McGonagall said, looking at him.

  'Well,I was walking down the hall, I had just finished dinner, when I was shoved into the wall by someone....',Teddy began to explain, now with turquoise hair.  

After he had ended, all of the parents looked angry, but none was as furious as Harry and Mr. Jones. 

   'Peter!',the latter spoke to his son. 'I am very,very disappointed! How could you attack a younger student? Because of Quidditch?! I am so sorry..err..Teddy, is it?'

Teddy nodded.

  'I didn't know all this.'

  'It's okay, Mr. Jones, I'm fine now.'

  'No, it's not okay. We have to do something, Professor!'

  'I agree. First of all, Bulstrode, give me your Prefect badge.'

The Slytherin obeyed, with a very upset look on his face. 

   'I will take 100 points from Slytherin.'

All of the children, except for Teddy, of course, groaned.

   'Each! And detention, 3 months!'

   'Now, we didn't hear both parts of the story, did we?',Teddy heard Goyle's father.'Michael?'

But his son refused to answer, shaking his head. 

   'To attack a younger student in such manner!',McGonagall continued, 'Seven against one -'

   'I did not attack him, Professor.'

It was Rose Everdeen who spoke. She was sixteen, with blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She was proudly wearing a green Prefect badge.

    'Miss Everdeen, just the fact that you were there, looking at first-year being hit by older students, is bad enough! That reminds me, I would want you to hand me your badge as well.'

For a second, Teddy could see the shock on Rose Everdeen's face, but she quickly controlled herself, giving the headmistress her badge. 

  'But he attacked Mike as well, Professor.', Goyle said. 

  'I was getting to that,Goyle. Lupin? Explain yourself. '

He had attacked him because of Bulstrode making fun of his father. But Teddy left that out from his story and he wasn't going to mention it now. 'I- I'm sorry, Professor.'

 'Lupin, it is not right.'

 'But Professor, they were beating me up. Wasn't I supposed to defend myself?'

  'You do have a point, Lupin. I will only take 20 points from Gryffindor. Also, Mr. Lupin mentioned two more students. Would any of you be so nice to name them. Bulstrode?'

  Bulstrode stared at her for a second, and then answered. 'There were no other students, Professor.'

Turning two more Slytherins would mean losing another 200 points and Teddy was sure Bulstrode would rather lie to McGonagall than let that happen. 

  'Are you sure?',she asked.

  'Yes,Professor.' He did sound very convincing. 

  'Very well,then. Goyle? Jones? Everdeen?', she asked. All of them shook their heads. 'Hunts?'

Whisper looked very nervous. She knows who they are. Teddy thought. If she tells her, the Slytherins would turn against her. But she can't hold it in, either. 

The girl sighed. 'Philip N-Neiders and R-Robert Flint..', she finally said. All of the Slytherins stared at her with a mix of hatred and shock. How could she betray them? How could she tell McGonagall?

 'Thank you, Miss Hunts.', McGonagall said. 

 'Traitor.',Bulstrode whispered, giving her a deathly glare. The girl looked as if she was going to burst into tears any second now. 

  'You are all free to go now. And call Neiders and Flint.' 

Teddy got up as well, quick enough to see Whisper running away from all the Slytherins. Harry did, too.

 They both started walking down the halls of Hogwarts.  

  'It's been so long since I've been here last. It was my home, y'know. And best home I've ever had.', Harry said, putting an arm around Teddy's shoulders.



  ' I.. I hit Bulstrode because he.. well, he made fun of my dad's.. condition. And I-'

  'He what?! Teddy, this is outraging! Why didn't you tell me that.'

But he didn't get the chance to answer, for he saw Felix and Victoire running towards them.

  'Ted! Are you alright? McGonagall took you away without saying a word.'

  'Yeah, I'm fine, Felix, thanks.', Teddy smiled, with blonde hair. 

  'We were worried. What happened?', Victoire asked. 

They both noticed Harry and Teddy made the introductions.

   'Harry, this is Felix -'

   'Hi, Felix.'

   'Hello, Mr.Potter.'

   'And you already know Victoire, don't you.'

   'Of course.', Harry smiled. 


    The next day

  'I need to go, Ted, I have to get back to work. It was fun sleeping in the Gryffindor Tower again.' Harry said.

  'I'll come visit you on Christmas, right?', Teddy asked, his hair turning bright red.

   'Of course. See you then. But don't forget to write to us, we like April a lot. James sure does, anyway.'

   Ted laughed. 

  'Say hi to Percy for me, I only got to speak to Neville.'

  'Sure. And you say hi to.. everyone.'

 Harry winked and Apparated away. 

Teddy headed towards the D.A.D.A class. He was already a bit late. 


Whew! I FINALLY wrote a new chapter! I'm really sorry! It's just that I've been working more on my other movella, Stories of the Wizarding World and I.. kinda forgot about this. Anyways, hope you liked it. I made some minor changes in chapter three, On the Hogwarts Express. It was (almost) impossible that Teddy didn't know Victoire from before, he spent so much time with the Weasleys after all. Hope you like the changes, too. So yeah, check out my other movella if you want to and.. enjoy the future chapters, I guess? 


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