Teddy Lupin

The Story of Tonks and Remus's son, Teddy Lupin.


9. Slytherin Scandal


   'Wake up,Sleepyhead!'

Teddy groaned. 

   'Why?', he mumbled.

   'Just get up. We'll be late for class.'

Teddy threw a pillow at him.

   'Wow, you are certainly not a morning person.'

He groaned again.

   'We're already late for breakfast, and the first class is Transfiguration. And c'mon we've got Quidditch Practice. The game's in one week and it'll be our first practice on our brand new. brooms!',Felix said.

   'Fine.',Teddy answered. He got up, but fell back on the bed.

  'Okay, wonderful. But check out the new spell I learned in Charms: Aguamenti !'

A jet of water erupted out of Felix's wand and splashed Teddy. He got out of bed and, grabbing his wand, he yelled: Flipendo !

The jinx was supposed to knock Felix backwards and it did, but just a little. They only learned the spell the other day, and no one managed it. 

  'At least it woke you up Ted!',he said laughing.


Felix started laughing. He sank to his knees, laughing. It was the Tickling Charm they had also learned in Charms, but he already mastered.

  'Teddy!',Felix said, still laughing. He could barely move because of laughter,'Sto - BAHAHAAHAHAHAH - Stop it!'

  'Never pour water on me when I'm sleeping. I have a six-year old cousin. Mischief,he is. Not funny.', Teddy said laughing, as he was watching his best friend. 'Finite!', he said.

 Felix finally managed to get up. He had tears from laughter in his eyes.

 'We'll really be late,Ted.',he said, still smiling.

'Yeah.' Teddy started putting on his robe.


                                                            *          *             *


    'Good Morning,everyone!',Percy Weasley said, sitting down. 'Today,we'll try something a tiny bit more complicated than what we did until now,  Matches into Needles and Switching Spells,that is. Today, we'll transfigure a living being, a mouse actually, into a snuffbox. You'll manage it, I'm sure. Now, the incantation is Musulum Decoris. I remember I managed it on my second try, but it had whiskers and a tail. And feet with paws. Y'know, I didn't really "completely" manage it.' Most of the students laughed.'It might seem different, because the mouse is moving, but it's exactly like the other two spells we learned. Concentrate!'Percy then pointed his wand at a box lying on the table. It opened, and mice flew out of it, landing in front of each student.

    'Musulum Decoris!'.Teddy spoke. Sadly, nothing happened. 

He tried it again and again, but the spell was obviously harder. Not even Victoire managed to do it yet. 

   'Musulum Decoris!' Nothing. 'Musulum Decoris!' Again,nothing.

   'Why don't I make a demonstration?',Percy asked while taking a mouse from someones desk. He put it on his own and and said, pointing his wand at it,'Musulum Decoris !'

The mouse turned into a golden, ornamented snuffbox. 'Now, again!',he said, in a friendly and supporting tone.

They all tried again, and this time, just as he spoke the incantation, the mouse changed its color and form until it became a snuffbox.

    'Well,done,Teddy! Beautiful! Of course, it still has whiskers, but it doesn't matter. It's your first time. Six points to Gryffindor!'

Teddy smiled, when he heard Percy's voice once again. 'Wonderful,Victoire and you too,Sara! Six points to each house!' Another thing Teddy liked about Percy was that he called them all, not just him and Victoire, by their first names in class. 

Soon, more students had managed the spell and, by the end of the class, there were snuffboxes on every table, and no mice.

  'I'll see you next time, everyone, and good work!',Percy said, leaving the room alongside his students.


                                                                    *         *          *

    'Softening Charm', Filius Flitwick said, while entering the classroom.

    'Hello to you,too, Professor.',Gary Adams, another Gryffindor whispered. Gary was well-known for his humor.  He used to sit in one of the comfortable seats in the common room and have students sit down and listen to his jokes. 

   'Good Morning,class. We'll be practicing Softening Charms today. The incantation? Spongify. Speak nice and clear : Spongify. Understand? The spell softens the target, making it bouncy and..,well, soft. Please try it on your books first, and then on the walls of this classroom.' Flitwick continued.'I'll make a demonstration :Spongify !', he said, pointing at his desk. It immediately softend and the book thrown by their teacher on its surface bounced. 'Your turn, now.'

   'Spongify!',Teddy spoke, and, as he put a hand on his book, he realized it was as smooth as Flitwick's desk. It wasn't at all a hard spell and almost everyone had managed it on their first shot, including Felix. Professor Flitwick had a wide smile.

   'Hah, marvelous! Now, who wants to go first?' Flitwick looked around the class and pointed at Gary.'Adams.'

   'Softening Charm!'

   'Excuse me?'

   'Sorry,sir.',Gary simply answered. 'I thought that's how we great around here.'

   'Funny,Adams.'Flitwick told him sarcastically. 'Now get up already.'

   'Okay.',he said, stepping in front of the class. He pointed his wand at the wall before him and spoke 'Spongify!'. It immediately became soft and bouncy, and Flitwick awarded him 4 points.   'Miss Johnson?', Professor Flitwick said, pointing at Scarlet.'Your turn.'

 She managed to do the spell just as well and earned 4 points for Slytherin.

  'Lupin?', Teddy heard his name. He stepped forward, and spoke the incantation, turning the same wall Flitwick always turned back to normal, into something bouncy and very soft. 

   The time moved on quite fast, and soon not only Charms, but also Potions, D.A.D.A and Herbology  were over. Soon, the boys and Victoire were in the Great Hall, eating lunch and discussing today's classes. 

       'I like History of Magic a lot, but even I have to admit two rolls of parchment due in two days is a lot.', Victoire said, starting to cut the piece of beef she had in her plate.'I did it, but Melissa didn't and it's due tomorrow.'

      'We didn't get an essay on that. Weird, huh?',Felix said, eating as well.

     'Uhm, Felix?'


     'We did.', Teddy said and laughed as he watched Felix  jump out of his seat and run up the stairs. 'See you in the common room!, he heard him.  

Teddy kept on eating and talking to Victoire, until, after a time, they went back to their common rooms. But on the way to his, someone pushed him against a wall. He recognized Mike Bulstrode, the Slytherin he saw at the Sorting and he was the one who pushed him. Beside him was Goyle,  Peter Jones, Felix's brother, the girl named Whisper he saw at 'Flying', another girl, whose name Teddy thought was Everdeen and two more Slytherins he didn't recognize. 

     'What's up,Lupin?', Bulstrode asked with a smirk on his face. 'I heard you got on the Quidditch team. Well done.'

   'Thanks, I guess.'

  'But it was kind of obvious, y'know. Your team has such low standards, it would accept anyone. I heard little Felix's Beater as well. Funny, eh?'  A few Slytherins laughed, but Bulstrode gave them deathly glares and they immediately stopped. 'Goyle here's a Beater, I'm a Keeper and Jones is a Chaser. We..umm... let's just say we like Quidditch a lot.' He gave Teddy another smirk. 'You know what else we like? When Slytherin wins. And we have a lot more chances with you and Green off the team, Lupin. Beaters, they're really important, y'know.'

 'You're scared, Bulstrode?',Teddy asked, laughing. The Slytherin pushed him against the wall again and punched him. He could feel blood streaming from his nose, but he tried not to grimace because of the pain.

'Don't play the smart guy, Lupin. Lupin, Lupin, Lupin. Y'know, I've done some research and -'

 'You?Research? Sorry, Bulstrode, but those words simply don't pass togeather.',Teddy interrupted him and earned a punch in the stomach from Goyle. Teddy sank to his knees and made an effort not to vomit. 

 'Get up, Lupin.', he heard Bulstrode, and felt the Slytherin lifting him up. He was much stronger than he was, being in his fifth year.'As I was saying, I've done some research and I found out something rather odd about you. Do you find the moon...interesting,Lupin? 'Cause I think your father did.' He started laughing and so did the others.'Filthy little creature -' He couldn't even finish his sentence, Teddy jumped on him, hitting him as hard as he could. But Goyle and Felix's brother lifted him once again and hit him even harder. He couldn't even stand up now, and he spit  a mouthful of blood on the floor. Bulstrode was getting up, prepared to grab him again, but just then Teddy saw Professor Longbottom running towards them. He was probably just walking down the hall and saw them. The Slytherins ran away, and Neville helped him get up and carried him to the Hospital Wing. Feeling Madam Pomfrey wiping  his blood from his face, Teddy passed out on one of the beds.


 Sorry it was such a short chapter, but I promise there will be more up soon. I'm starting the next one tomorrow, and it'll probably be done in 2 days or so, since school's (finally) over. Thanks for reading, everyone!



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