Teddy Lupin

The Story of Tonks and Remus's son, Teddy Lupin.


2. School Supplies


  - I wondered when I would be seeing you, Mr. Lupin., Ollivander whispered, And Mr. Potter.. 11 inches, holly wood, phoenix feather, am I right?

 - Yes, sir.

 - The only wand that was ever fixed... Twin wand of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's... A very interesting wand., Ollivader mumbled.

- Thank you,sir. But we're here to buy a wand for this young man.

- Oh, yes. Well, let's try this. 10 and a half inches, Phoenix feather, yew wood., the old man said taking a box from a shelf and opening it.

Teddy tried it, and a vase that was standing before them fell and broke. 

- Oh, Merlin, definitely not this one. Now, how about this wand. 11 inches, Unicorn hair core, oak wood.

Teddy took it and suddenly felt some kind of warmth. He just knew this was supposed to be his. 

  - Oh, it must be this one. A wizard or a witch always knows. That'll be 7 galleons, thank you very much. 


Harry and Ted got out of Ollivander's and went to Eeylops Owl Emporium. 

- What owl would you like, Teddy?

 - A white one, I guess.

Harry smiled sadly. He remembered Hedwig.

They looked for an owl for a couple of minutes, when Harry heard Ted yell because of the excitement. 

- Look! Look, up there! She's beautiful!

A very short man came running as he heard the 11 year old. 

 - I see you want to buy that owl, am I right?

- Yes, sir. How much does it cost? 

- 5 Galleons. On Merlin's beard! You're..

- Harry Potter, yes. Here you go, 5 Galleons.

They got out of the shop.

- I was thinking of how to name her. I'm going to call her April.

- That's a good name. But we should get going. We need to buy you your Hogwarts robes

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