Teddy Lupin

The Story of Tonks and Remus's son, Teddy Lupin.


3. On the Hogwarts Express


  'Hey, Teddy!'

He turned around, facing a blonde, beautiful girl.

  'Hey, Vic!' It was his cousin (well, not really cousin, but she was as good as), Bill and Fleu's daughter, Victoire. 

  'Wanna find a compartment?'



                              *     *      *  

       - Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full.

A tall, black-haired boy was looking at Teddy and Victoire.

  - Sure!, the girl answered.

   - I'm Felix, by the way. Felix Green.

 - I'm Ted Lupin and this is Victoire Weasley.,Teddy said, his hair and eyes turning purple.

 - Wow, you're a metha...err...metha...

- Methamorphagus. I'm one, yes. 

- Wicked!, Felix exclamed, So can you change into anyone?

 - I guess., Teddy answered while turning into Felix, then into Victoire.

 Victoire and Felix laughed, when suddenly, someone opened the door.

  - Hey, Green., a tall boy wearing a Slytherin tie said smiling, Could you lend me some money?

Felix stood up. He was a little shorter than that boy, who seemed to be in his third or forth year. 

 - No, Goyle. 

- I'm afraid you don't have a choice!, Goyle said pushing Felix against a wall. 

Some Slytherins that were standing behind him started laughing. Teddy and Victoire stood up. 

 - Leve him alone., the Ted said, his hair turning bright red. 

 - What are you gonna do about it, weirdo?

He saw that Teddy wasn't answering, and continued:

 - You gonna hit me?, he said laughing, Just wait until I punch Green here, first.

Goyle pushed Ted aside, and prepared to punch Felix.

 - Hey Goyle, wait!, a Slytherin said, If I do anything to this loser, dad won't get me a new broom. Leave him.

- Whatever, dude. Come on.

 The Slytherins left, and Felix managed to get up and sit down.

 - What was that about?, Victoire asked him.

- That's Michael Goyle. Almost everyone in  his family were Death Eaters. He's a bully, and an idiot, as well. The guy who stopped him is my step-brother, Peter Jones, and he only did it so he wouldn't get in trouble. His dad is nice, but Peter's horrible. Especially with me. 

 Just then, an old lady asked them, if they wanted anything from the trolley.

 - Yeah, I'll have a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, please., Victoire answered.

- I'll have four Chocolate Frogs, Teddy said, his hair turning green, and three Jelly Slugs. 

 - That'll be 5 Galleons. And you dear?, she said turning to Felix.

  - Three Chocolate Frogs, please. 

The woman left, and the kids started eating. 

 - We'll get to Hogwarts soon. We better put our robes on., Victoire said after a while.

Teddy had a bright smile. He was going to Hogwarts!


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