Teddy Lupin

The Story of Tonks and Remus's son, Teddy Lupin.


7. First Day at Hogwarts


  Hey,everyone! I'm so sorry it's been ages since I wrote the last chapter, but I had lots of things to do, at school and everything, and I haven't updated in such a long time!  But I'm back now, and I'll promise I'll write more chapters soon, since school's almost over. Anyway, enjoy the next chapter!                                        - Nora(LovesHarryPotter)


    Teddy, Victoire and Felix were walking down the hallway, heading towards the Transfiguration classroom. 

     'Can you believe Uncle Percy's going to be the Transfiguration teacher?',Victoire asked.

     'No,it's.. weird. He got the news this summer, didn't he? It'll be his first year.', Teddy said.

     'Wait, what? Uncle? The new teacher's your uncle?', Felix asked, confused.

     'Yeah. It's a big family. Percy's one of dad's brothers.'

     'Brilliant.', he said.'Having a teacher as your uncle.'

They entered the classroom and sat down. Teddy was next to Felix, and Victoire joined a few Ravenclaw girls. Soon, a tall, red-headed man, with glasses, came in. It was Percy Weasley. He gave Teddy and Victoire a quick smile and sat down. 

      'Hello, everyone. Good morning and welcome to your first Transfiguration class. We'll start with something very easy, since it's your first lesson and the first spell you'll learn, since you are first years. Open your books at page 5. We'll be turning a needle into a match.'

The students did as they were told, and after Percy explained the incantation (Igniculus Veracum),  they all tried it. No one managed it on their first,second or third try. Teddy tried to focus. He imagined, how it would be like, if the match would turn into a needle. He tried focusing even more. 

       'Igniculus Veracum!', he said, and right before his eyes, the match, the simple wooden match, transformed  into a metal needle. It was incredible!

He looked around, and noticed that both Victoire, and another Ravenclaw girl managed to do it as well.

     'Fantastic!', he heard Percy, '6 points to Ravenclaw, for Vic- I mean- Miss Weasley and Miss Werr and  3 to Gryffindor thanks to Mr. Lupin!'

   Soon, more students succeeded. Percy was so excited, he gave everyone House Points.

    'Brilliant! 3 points  to Ravenclaw! 3 to Gryffindor! Well done, Miss Stillwater, 3 points to Gryffindor! Bravo, 3 pointst to Ravenclaw! 3 to Gryffindor as well!'

   'Bloody hell! Come on already!', Felix shouted. He didn't turn his match into a needle, but it wasn't because he wasn't trying.

   'Hey, Felix, try focusing. Imagine the match turning into a needle! Focus!', Teddy helped him.

   'Igniculus Veracum!' 

Nothing happened. 

   'Igniculus Veracum!'

This time, the match's color changed, wood was becoming metal, and the whole match turned into a needle. 

  'Brilliant, Mr. Green, 3 points to Gryffindor!'

Felix's smile was wider than everyone else's. 

 'Thanks Ted. Y'know, dad was a muggle. He was so nice, and smart, but he wasn't a wizard, so I'm a Half-Blood. Peter, my step-brother, is a pure-blood. He tried to convince me, that only pure-bloods were real wizards. I didn't believe him,but still...'

  'Felix, it doesn't matter at all. My dad was a Half-Blood, therefore, I'm not a Pure-Blood either. And he was a werewolf as well. A lot of people judged him, but he was a great man. It really doesn't matter. Harry Potter, my Godfather, is a Half-Blood as well. His mother was a Muggle-Born.And he defeated the darkest wizard of all time.  It's nothing wrong with not being a Pure-Blood. Okay?'

 'Yeah. Thanks, Ted. C'mon, let's go. We'll be late for Flying.'

Flying. He forgot that was next. He waited for his first Flying lesson since he first rode a broom, and that was two years ago. Since Harry had graduated, Hogwarts let first-years join the Quidditch team as well. Maybe he even had a shot. His smile got wider.

  'I know, it's amazing!', Felix said, smiling as well, The only thing is, it'll be us and the Slytherins today. But at least they're first years. I mean, I couldn't stand a class with Peter, or Goyle.'

 A few minutes later

  'Welcome,students, to your first Flying lesson! Have you all got brooms? Wonderful! Let's start!, Madam Hooch, their Flying teacher said. 'Put your right hand over your broom and say "Up!".'

They did as they were told. Teddy's broom moved a bit on his first try, a little more on his second, but it wasn't until his third try, that it finally came to him. Just a few more first years managed it. One of them was Scarlet Jackson, the girl he saw getting sorted into Slytherin the other day. Her eyes were changing colors, but Teddy didn't think she was a complete methamorphagus. There was another Slytherin who did it as well,a brown-haired girl with glasses. He saw her at the Sorting as well, but couldn't remember her name.

   'Up!', he heard Felix, who's broom came to him. 'On my third try. That's not so bad!'

   ' Not at all', Teed answered, 'I did it on my third, too.'

   'Great work everybody! Let's say, 7 points to Gryffindor and 7 to Slytherin. Now, we'll ride the brooms, one at a time. Who wants to go first?'

  A few students raised their hands, shy.

   'Hmm, how about you?' she said, pointing at the brown-haired girl Teddy saw earlier, Miss. Hunts, is it? Whisper Hunts?'

   'Yes,  that's right.', she said and a few seconds later she was in mid-air, on her broom. 

She made a tour of the Quidditch pitch and came back. 

   'She's a fair flyer',Teddy thought. 

  'Wonderful! 5 points to Slytherin! Who's next? You, Mr. Green?', she said, pointing at Felix.

He took a deep breath and raised from the ground. He also made a tour of the pitch, and returned. Felix was really fast, and Teddy wondered if he used to practice a lot at home. He was a little faster than Whisper, but not much more. 

    'Really good. 6 points to Gryffindor, Mr. Green.'

The next one who rode her broom was Scarlet,, and she was really good, too. A few more Gryffindors and Slytherins followed, when Madame Hootch finnaly pointed at him.

  'Mr. Lupin, am I right? You're next.'

Teddy could feel his heart starting to beat louder and louder. He lifted himself off the ground and he had the same feeling he always had when he was riding a broom. He was calm again, and started his tour around the Quidditch pitch. He considered himself quite fast, and he soon came back. 

Another Slytherin gained a few points for his house, and then the blonde girl Ted saw at the Sorting, Sara Stillwater, also rode her broom.

  'That's it, everyone! Great job! Some of you might even make the Quidditch team!'

Most of the first-years looked amazed.  Teddy was also very excited. His mother, Harry and Ginny were on their house's Quidditch team, and he thought he had a chance as well. 

Soon, everyone left the pitch, and they ran back to their common rooms, to drop their broomsticks. 

   'Will you try out for the team, Teddy?'

   'Of course. You?'

   'Yeah. I don't really think I have a shot, but who knows?'

   'You  have a shot! You were probably the best flyer out there, I'm sure you'll make the team!'

   'Heh, thanks, Ted.'

 They rushed down the streets and headed towards the Herbology classroom. Their next class was with the Hufflepuff and their teacher was a good friend of Harry's, Professor Longbottom.


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