Teddy Lupin

The Story of Tonks and Remus's son, Teddy Lupin.


6. Dear Mom and Dad


   It was 11 o'clock and all the other boys were sleeping. Teddy was thinking about everything that happened that day and about his parents. Would they be proud of him? He was sorted in Gryffindor, like his father, and the Sorting Hat considered putting him in Hufflepuff, like his mother. Teddy took a piece of parchment and a quill out of his trunk.

 - Lumos!, he whispered and light appeared at the tip of his wand.

He began to write,


    Dear Mom and Dad,

I miss you so much... I never really got to know you. Of course, Harry, Ginny, Grandma and the Weasleys told me a lot about you, guys. But it's still not the same as knowing you, talking to you. 

I arrived at Hogwarts today, and I got sorted into Gryffindor. Just like you, Dad! I hope you're proud of me, I really do.

 I'm really excited about tomorrow! The day's starting with Transfiguration, and then Flying! Harry is a great flyer, and he let me ride his broom once. I simply loved it, and he told me I was excellent. I heard you were a great flyer,too, mom.

The next class will be Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry told me that you were the best teacher he ever had at this subject. I looked through the DADA book, and it's really interesting. I can't wait to learn  all those amazing things.

 I don't even know why I'm writing this letter. You won't ever see it. But I guess I need someone to talk to... I mean, Victoire and Felix, my new friends, wouldn't understand. They're incredible, but this is one thing I can't talk to them about. Harry... Well, I usually tell Harry these things, and he really takes care of me and everything, but he's not you, guys. I love you. I don't understand why you had to leave. That was stupid. Of course I do. You died fighting for what was right. You died fighting for a better world. You were so brave. I miss you so much.

                                                   More love than you can imagine,



  He folded the parchment and whispered Nox. Ted put everything in his trunk and soon fell asleep thinking of his parents



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