5. Night

Night was the best time in the whole day. The stars looked down, like millions and millions of individual torches  twinkling down on them, and the moon was like the pack leader, like the pack leader of the Hollow men. NO. Everything Talia thought of eventually all came back to the fact that they were getting hunted down, like the rabbits that they killed, by Hollow men.

Just as Talia was  drifting off, There was a snap of a branch, Talia stood up with her sword in hand, she woke up Saxan and put her finger to her lips to signal for him to stay quiet together they woke up the others. Talia pointed into the woods where the noise came from. They slowly made their way over to the trees, when 4 Hollow men jumped out at them "BOO" said one of the Hollow men and the others laughed, but that laugh didn't last for long when Talia punched the hollow man in the stomach. He fell back in pain. The others made their move and all 5 kids got them into a lock and they were stuck, Turin and Tisha were supporting the one that Talia punched and Lyon, Saxan and Talia all had a separate one. They tied them to individual trees all spread out, whilst they made a circle and decided what to do with them. "We should kill them and show them no mercy" Saxan said "after all they didn't show any mercy towards Milana". "It's just, I feel bad, hasn't their already been enough blood spilt today?" Tisha said. "I think we should compromise between the two". "Please don't kill me i'll do any thing, anything at all!" One of the Hollow men pleaded "shut up, their goanna make be a spy or a body guard or something!" The kids smirked amongest each other.

There were 3 dead Hollow men lying around them, all except the one that pleaded. "Ok" Talia said "you said, you would do anything if we let you live" the hollow man did a very apparent swallow "well we want you to be our spy, go to Flabutonia and don't get killed, we expect you back here in 3 days at the most, report back whose dead and what's happening." So that's what he did.

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