2. Hollow Men

There were these horrible hollow men in black armour leaking throught the small and large alleyways, coming rapidly towards them. Their helmets had slits for their eye sockets and their noses seemed awfully small. There was a clear leader that was striding along at the front of the pack, they will only do what he, or for all we know she, tells them to do.

"Ladys and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of Flabutonia, we come in peace, for now anyway" There was a laugh that murmured through the crowd of blackness. "We call ourselves Hollow Men and we come from a small village called Helemen"

"Doesn't sound too peaceful to me" Tisha whispered to Turin. "Silence, I did not give you permission to speak". The Hollow Man roared at Tisha. "Whats all of this?" Our leader Ortano roared."This is our town we can speak when we feel like it, you shall be the one to be silenced"...

"Let us speak your honour, we have a deal that we would like to make", one of the Hollow men stepped forward with a fancy scroll. The leader Hollow Man rolled out the scroll and read the following. "We would like your Kingdom for our own". Their was a murmur from the crowd of Flabutonia "that doesn't seem all that fair" Talia said to Lyon, she glanced at Saxan and you could see the hatred in his eyes. "bu,bu,but listen, theres more, you can hand your kingdom over to us now or we will commence war, also we want Talia"...

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