3. Escape

"WHAT" Talia shouted "WHY ME?" "My master has his reasons and, they are the best reasons you could imagine. "Get her" practically everyone in Flabutonia formed a protective barrier around Talia, her friends came into the middle Saxan whispered into Talias ear "they took Milana i'm not going to let them take you aswell" "I'll never leave".

The hollow men were slowly working their way through the crowd. "We can't stay here forever they'll come and they'll take you, we have to leave" Lyon said the last part of his words were in the lowest of all whispers. They slowly made their way to the back of the crowd weaving through people.

They headed for the woods that were located at the back of Flabutonia, as they went through the buildings Talia was aware of the smallest noises. They were just about to reach the treeline when 7 hollow men ran out of the trees at them... But they were prepared, Talia shot out her sword and it pierced one of the hollow men in a gap that was in their armour that hollow man fell to his knees and died. "Talia watch out" Tisha warned, Talia knew it was an attack coming from behind so she crouched down, and the clumsy man tripped over he.r She stood up and pierced him in the back. Talia looked around her and saw 7 dead hollow men lying around her, 2 had been shot by Lyons arrows, 2 more by Turins spear, 1 by Tishas dagger and 2 by Talias sword.

They ran into the trees and didn't stop running until Flabutonia was far behind them.

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