Bad Boy Styles

"You want me so bad Bri, don't deny it." -Harry Styles. ©


2. Two

"Is he really always that forceful?"


"Honey. His aim is to be nice to you. Fuck you. Then leave you," Jess said plainly, sprawled out on her bed.


"And it's really all girls on campus?"


"Only the hot ones."

She said it as if she didn't care. I though it mattered. He technically used us for sex then left us. Women aren't just objects you use. The idea I'd thought he was charming pained me because he is a rat bag who deserved nothing.


"But hasn't he ever loved a girl?"


"He loves them all up to a point. Then he gets what he wants and leaves them," she shrugged.


"I want to prove that there's more to girls," I stood up. 


I'd been sitting down on my bed for what seemed like ages, pondering on the fact that I'd let a boy touch me when I'd met him earlier that morning.


Jess made a little snort sound. "You want to do what?"


"Make him see that girls are more than sex objects," I said.




"Yes." I'm not sure. I almost wanted to see whether he could love me. Whether I could make him love me. But that was a weird feeling I got hearing all this.


"Good luck. I doubt you could do it. He is such a dick," Jess sighed.


"I'll try," I said, sitting back down. 


"I take my hat off to you. You must be pretty stupid to do ask out Harry Styles."


"I'm not going to ask him out."


"How else are you going to get him to like you?"


"I'll make a bet with him. A deal. He seems like the obnoxious creep who would go into a deal," I slid my legs under the covers.


"Yeah, you summed him up. Okay, I'm here for you. I want to see how this pans out," Jess gave a devious smile.


"Well, I hope," I breathed to myself.


I slept most of the afternoon. It didn't seem too bad here, asides from Harry Styles. He was probably on the one cocky, rude, down side to this whole college.


The bright digits of the bed side clock came into view. I wiped my face and rolled over to see a figure on Jess's bed. I jumped when Harry's figure came into view.


"Can you not just barge into this room and watch me sleep?!" I yelled.


"Don't flatter yourself, love, it's not all about you," he shook his head.


"Well, I don't approve you being in the same room I sleep in, just in case you do watch me," I huffed. He had this way. Annoying little way.


"You think you're so beautiful. You think I'm fucking Edward Cullen? I don't watch girls sleep and charm them-"


"No you use them as objects you fuck."


He stopped twirling the key in his hand. "Pardon?" He looked over at me, an eyebrow cocked in half amusement.


"I said you fuck girls then get rid of them," I repeated.


He chuckled to himself, finding my words ever so amusing. "And what are you going to do to stop that? After all, they're all stupid enough to give me what I want," he waved a dismissive hand.


"We aren't all stupid. I'm not falling for this. I won't be part of you circle thing," I said.


"I never said I wanted you in this circle."


"Yes you did. It was practically the first thing you said to me," I fired back.


The right corner of his mouth tugged up. "What do you want?"


"I want you to make a deal with me," I said.


"A deal?" He folded his arms and I could see his biceps tense a little.


"Yes. You have to love me like a real person."


"Like a real person?"


"Treat them as more than just an object. I want to see if you can do it, Harry Styles."


"Of course I can do it," he scoffed. "But what's in it for me?" He pulled out a small box and a long cigarette from it.


"You get to do what you do. Take my virginity," I said.


"Ah," he smiled, the cigarette falling a little. "This is interesting."


I smiled to myself.


"And if you win? Which, obviously won’t be happening,” he said to himself.  


I walked over to him slowly, watching Harry rubbed his hands together in suspense.


"You don't treat girls like dolls that you undress, play with then leave broken and unused," I pulled the cigarette from between his teeth and dropped it on the floor.


He looked up at me. "And this is going to go on for how long?"


"Until one of us falls in love," I said simply.


"What if you just deny it."


"No denying it. And no cheating."


"I can go without sex for a while. After all, I give you a week," his dimples were beginning to show.


"You'll see about that," I bent down. "Under all the tattoos and cocky persona, you really don't know a thing about love, Harry Styles."





"If anyone sees me, I am so fucked," Harry huffed.


"It won't look real if we aren't seen together."


"This is awkward. I really can't stand the small talk. How about we just bang and get it over with," he said.


"One, that is disgusting, and two, relationships aren't just about sex," I put my mug down and looked over the table. 


He rolled his eyes. "This is going to be so hard."


"You could just give up now. I really don't mind," I emptied my coffee cup.


"No. Come on Bri, I really have to win this."


It was my turn to roll my eyes. "You are hopeless, Harry. You do know that, right?"


"Hopeless, yes, but charming," he sprawled back in his chair.


Damn he was arrogant. It was incredibly irritating, but also slightly endearing. No wonder most girls fell for him the way I fell down the stairs.


"You are not charming, that is the last word I'd use to describe you."


He leant forward so I could smell the coffee off his breath. "You're not like the other girls, are you?"


"What do you mean by that?" I leant forwards too, watching his green eyes dart to my lips then back.


"You're not here for reputation or so you can say 'I've been with the most popular guy in the whole school'. You're here to prove something."


"I am?" I sat back in shock.


"Why can't you accept that it's fun to fool with people?"


"Because it isn't. And it isn't fun to be fooled with, thank you very much," I crossed my arms.


"You liked what happened yesterday."


"No, I didn't."


He shook his head. "You asked for it."


"You forced it on me," I snapped back. “I could take you to court for sexual assault.”


"Learn to have fun, Bri. Loosen up," he stood up quickly, tossing his jacket over his shoulder.


I slammed my fist on the table. I hated him I really did. Everything about him; his grin, his attitude, it all made me so angry. I took quick strides to catch up to him.


"Wait, you can't just leave me," I grabbed his arm.


"What? So now I have to constantly look after you? That was not the deal."


"No, you just have to treat me like your girlfriend. You can't just be fed up and wait until I want to fuck you."


"Fine," he snatched my hand, intertwining our fingers. "Want to be a real couple, we'll act like one," he started walking, dragging me behind him.


I felt like a dog. A fucking dog going on a walk they did not want to go on. In all fairness, that’s probably how he saw all the girls he had a little fling with.


"Um, so where are we going?"


"To the beach. Where else? Look at the lovely weather," he spread his arms.


"I don't have swimmers," I said. "And I think you know that."


"So, then I'll buy you some. I love spending money on my girl," his lips tipped upwards.




He had his head in his hand, and let out a loud groan.


"This shit is boring!" he half yelled.


I took a deep breath and threw the bikini in the corner of the change room. I had gone through ten swimming costumes and I seriously didn't think any of them suited me. 

"Try this," his arm poked through the curtain and I snatched it from him.


It was strapless, black and twisted mid-chest. I pulled on the pants which just had loosely tied black bows on each side.




"Yeah. Yeah Harry I actually do," I smiled, turning in the mirror.


"Do I hear an 'I love you', coming?" 


"No, you hear the sound of a $120 dollar bikini," I dumped the other swim suits in his arms and walked out of the shop, grabbing some new sunnies on the way.


"Hot!" he called after me, and I could feel his eyes on my back.


The beach was packed with summer lovers all wading through the water or building sand castles. I didn't ever think I'd be at the beach with Harry Styles. Ever.


"So, am I going to playfully chase you into the water then playfully splash you then playfully make out with you?" He tugged his shirt over his head and I glanced at his body.


Don't get me wrong okay, his body was good. It was rock hard, like something a Greek God would make. I stood up and started running off down the beach through families and children.


I turned to see him sprinting after me. I shrieked as he spun me around.


"Harry!" I pounded his back and he dropped me.


He 'playfully' chased me into the water before stopping to 'playfully' drench me in salt water. I spat everywhere. His curls were falling carelessly over his face. I thought maybe he wasn't too bad. Maybe he wasn't as bad as every girl said he was. He didn't look like a 'bad boy' as such, more like a wet, happy, puppy. My thoughts were gone with a wave of water over my face.


"Unfair advantage!" I screamed, trying to deflect some of the water. 


He kept splashing me and howling with laughter as I tried to dodge and avoid the water.


Harry moved closer to me, a smirk planted on his face.


"Harry, stop," I felt my breath catch in my throat as my hands pressed against his torso.


"Stop what, beautiful?"


"This, stop it now," I stumbled back.


"Hey," he caught my hands. "Just playing," he pushed his soft lips against mine before I could say anything else.

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