Bad Boy Styles

"You want me so bad Bri, don't deny it." -Harry Styles. ©


1. One

D I S C L A I M E R: I don't own these people and none of this happens in real life, I don't think. There are sex scenes, sexual references, coarse language, drug use and mature scenes. I am not responsible for anything that happens to readers when they read this. If you do not like what I write please just stop reading and leave my page. Do not report this story, it is R. And it is a fan fiction meaning it is made up. Also, do not try any of this in real life. No hate please, do enjoy Bad Boy Styles.




"Bye sweetie," mum kissed my forehead.


"Mum, I'm not a baby anymore," I protested.


"Guess so, college for you," she smiled.


"When you're gone, can I have your room?" Jace asked.


"No!" I yelled.


"Mum, can I have Bri's room?" He repeated.


"Honey, she's not leaving forever," mum said.


"Yeah, but can I have her room?"


"You touch anything," I said, grabbing his shirt.


"Bri," mum warned. I let Jace go and he ran upstairs.


"Sorry," I mumbled, shouldering my duffel.


"What's this?" Jace asked, holding my notebook.


"Put it down!" I yelled.


"No, you've got to go," mum turned me around.


"Jace you read a page and I'll spill your guts!" I screamed.


"Who's this Finn dude? I love him a lot, I'd just like to k-" he clapped his heart to his chest, belting the words out



"Jace!" I ran upstairs and slapped him over the head. He dropped the book and I scooped it up.


"Jace, don't read your sister's things," mum said.


"Bye mum," I hugged her.


"So who's this Finn?"


"Mum!" I yelled, grabbing my keys.


"Have fun sweetie," she called after me.


"I will kill you Jace!" I screamed before hopping into my car.


I shoved the key into the ignition and started car. I saw Jace waving form my room and gave him a rude finger. 


I fumbled with my new key chain and rammed the key into the key hole. New room, new life. I inhaled the smell. Strong cologne. Surely it wasn't unisex rooms. 



"Hello?" I dropped my bag and walked in. I found a room. "Hell- oh," my eyes dropped to a mess of curls, tattoos and piercings.


"Hello," he smirked, probably at my reaction. "Harry Styles, and you are?"


"B-Brit Morgan," I said, looking down his body. His perfect abs, perfect everything. "Your roommate," I added. I really hoped he wasn't my roommate though.


"Jess is your roommate, not me," he answered, grinning. I looked at his deep set dimples. "You're hot you know? I bet you have guys around your pinky," he said.


"Uh, not really," I tucked a curl behind my ear.


"I'd bang you. In fact, why don't we just do that now?" He asked.


"Oh, no," I shook my head.


"I'm open. You can come to me if you need to," Harry said.


I was saved by a girls voice. "Who's bag?" She called.


"Jess's here," Harry said.


"Mine, sorry," I said, taking it from her.


"I'm Jess, you must be my new roommate, Brit wasn't it?"


"Yeah, Bri," I said, smiling.


"She's hot, isn't she?" Harry nodded at me.


"Leave her alone. Pardon McFlirty over there," she pointed her finger over at Harry.


He gave a grin. Yeah, if he wasn't as rude and obnoxious as he was, I'd fuck him. Okay? 


"I don't leave her alone until she gives into me, which shouldn't be too hard for her," he winked and made a clicking noise with his tongue.


Jess rolled her eyes. I noticed her piercings on her eyebrow, lip and nose. 


"So what's your timetable?" Harry asked.


I handed him my timetable.


"Guess who'll be attending your classes?" Harry asked.


"I wonder," I sighed.


"Aw, I promise I'll treat you well," he said.


"Harry, just leave her alone. Can't you tell she's not into you?" Jess said.


"Wouldn't be sure. She's eyeing me off," I saw him tense slightly and felt my cheeks burn.


"You're embarrassing her," Jess hugged me.


First friend. Possibly. Jess smiled. She had dimples just like, Harry. Pretty in a sort of way.


"So what do you say about a little fun?" Harry asked.


"Actually, I should, unpack," I breathed in.


"So soon?" He stood up.


"Well, yeah," I clenched my fists.


"Let her unpack," Jess said.


His hand fell to my thigh. "Sure it can't wait, just a little?" His breath smelt strongly if peppermint.


"I'm sure," I said.


"Don't play hard to get. I can make you happy," his teeth grazed my ear, sending shivers up and down my spine.


"Ah, I'm fine thanks," I answered.


His hand slid into my back pocket. "You want me so bad Brit, don't deny it."




The way he said it made me shudder.


"Harry, leave her alone. Save it for your other girls," Jess groaned.


Other girls? Not a surprise. I lifted my eyebrows at Jess. She rolled her eyes.


"So when do classes start?" I asked Harry.


"Two days," he murmured. "Which means, you and I can spend some time together," he squeezed my ass a bit. I shifted uncomfortably.  


Harry looked pleased by what he'd done.


"Harry you're so annoying sometimes," Jess said. "Bri, why don't I show you around?"


"Yeah, okay," I stepped forward and Harry's hand slipped out of my pocket.


"Bye Harold!" She laughed as we left the room.


"Harold?" I laughed.


"Sexy name, isn't it?"


I nodded, laughing. 


"I'm really sorry about him. I don't know why I'm his friend," she said.


"He's pretty cute. You know, if he wasn't so cocky and rude I might give him what he wants," I admitted.


"Bri, don't fall into his traps. He's fucked like every girl on campus. And then he leaves them. You'd be lucky if you had him for three days," she laughed.


"I guess," I was shattered by what she said.


"But you can try him, if you want," she added.


"Yeah right," I gave a little laugh. "So what are you going to show me?"


"I just wanted to get out of that situation. It looked uncomfortable for you," she said.


"He's such a player," I sighed.


"Oh yeah. Say his name and everyone will have a story to tell about him," she said.


"Bet they do," I said, following her.


"So this is like where we hang out. Harry and his mates and all," she opened the door to a room. There were a few dimmed lights.




"Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. They're like the hottest group in this school," she said.


"So are they all kind of, pierced and all?"


"You don't like that?" she looked a little hurt.


"No, I was just wondering," I said quickly.


"I'm going to shower, we have small bathrooms in our rooms but the main showers are shared," she smiled.

Great. Just great.


"Cool. I'm going to sleep because I'm exhausted," I headed back to my room.


I wonder who'll be there now? I opened the door quietly. No one seemed to be here. I changed into my pajamas, shorts and a massive grey sweater.


"Damn. You turn me on."


I let out a squeal and turned to face a smirking Harry. His smile annoyed the fuck out of me.


"How the hell do you get in?!" I asked, pulling my sweater down over my shorts.


"Key," he held it up. "The more I see you the more I want to do naughty things to your body," his dimples became deeper.


"And the more I see of you, the less I want to do with you," I snapped.


"Feisty. I love it when my girls are feisty," he bit his lip.


I crawled onto my bed, feeling my shorts ride up my ass. I pulled them down and got under the sheets.


Harry pulled his shirt off and walked over to me. "Room for two," he shoved my shoulder.


"Harry," I protested.


"I saw Jess going into the showers. I know she takes a while in there," he murmured, his hand rubbing my leg.


"H-Harry," I stuttered.


"I can make you scream my name," he said, his breath tickling my neck.


I shivered. "I-I don't want that," I pushed him away.


His hand found a way into my underwear. I bit my lip.


"See how flustered you are now," he pushed. I felt his hands near my pants. This was bad.


"Harry," I warned.


I swallowed the lump in my throat. 


"Please no, Harry," I begged.


"Let me. I promise it'll be good," he said.


"I don't-" his hand went into my pants.


My breath was shaking, which was what he wanted. It was just too hard to pretend it didn’t bother me.


"Harry," I gritted my teeth.


He removed his hands from my shorts, a wild smirk on his disgusting face.


"More?" He asked.


"No. N-no more," I replied.


"I had fun," he returned to Jess's bed.


I couldn’t believe I had let myself be so easily persuaded. And by such a jerk. But now I wanted more.

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