My amnesia girl

'I do' I answer the priest.

"Do you Harry Styles take Aaylaah Flinn as your beloved wife and be with her forever, and be with her with the madness and happiness of life?" the father ask Harry and he didn't answer. His eyes met mine and it was dark and cold.
"I can't" he said and run away, away from me. My heart shattered into pieces as I fall into the ground. My heart was wrenched, I was hurt. The man I thought would forever love me, was now running away from me. What did I do? What did I do to him to do this? I love him.

I sob and curl up into a ball. The people gasp. My lips trembled as I cried Harder. I need Harry, I need him to hug me, to feel his lips against mine,, he left me, he left me in this altar.

*After 1 year*

I was now in the grocery buying some soda when someone called my name.

"Aaylaah? Is that you?" I turned to look at him and my blood boils. It was Him. it was Harry. Who left me hurt.

"Um yeah? Sorry who are you?" And that was it. I pretend to have an amnesia.


1. First day at work (Chapter 1)

**Past** aaayyyyyy!!!" What .the. I hear someone banging my door and yeah my brother. Today is my first day at work. I always wanted to be a photographer, but do I need to wake up that early? uhgghh! "Ok! ok!" I yelled back. He stops banging yeah banging not knocking you know I'm not a morning person. When you wake me up you need to spill water on my face or push me out of the bed. I'm am wondering why beds were always so comfy when its morning and uncomfortable in the damn night? That was life. I quickly do my morning routine and hop into the shower. *************** "Hey I make you breakfast!" Luke said placing the plates in the table I smiled at him and mouthed him an 'thank you'. And he nodded for a response. Luke and I were half brothers and sisters. You know Luke? yeah. Luke Hemmings from 5sos. We often see each other because of his tours. Both of us were just as close as you know. Want to know why both of us have different last names. Well yeah he get that from my father and mine was from my mother. When i was finished eating what I'm eating. I stood up and put the plates on the sink and wash my hands. "I need to go" I said while he stood up and hug me We said our goodbye's and I go to my car and its time to drive! ************ Today I've been photographing about some big stuffs they said these boys were so popular or famous or something. "Hey Aaylaah today is your first day right?" Isn't that obvious? "Yeah" I replied Noelle our boss was so nice to everyone. I'm so lucky to find a job like this but lets find out what will happened in my next few days. "So i just wanted to make your first day better" I nodded for response "So you will meet these five boys" She said looking through the papers inside the folder "Okay, so who are they? They said they were famous or something like that, was they a celebrity?" I always wanted to meet a celebrity "Yeah your right, you know about the band one direction?" she asked Oh girl you've got to be kidding me, i always look through their pictures and stuffs they were really cute handsome hot for short perfect! Luke always said good things about them. Especially the curly haired boy. "Yeah! I knew them!" I said totally screamed at my excitement Noelle chuckles shaking her head "Hey but don't forget to act nice" she added I nodded and she handed me my camera "It's already yours now" she added and smiled at me I thanked her, so .....I'm so lucky that i will meet one direction and have a free camera! I was walking on the hallway texting Luke what happened earlier. When I bumped into someone and I fall on the ground with a loud thud. My camera oh geeessh. I look at the guy who just cause me to fell of the ground and then I stopped on my tracks when i noticed that that was the man i always adore. Its Harry.Freaking.Styles
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