SuperWhoLock HighSchool AU Facebook RP

Welcome to Gallifrey High, 221B Baker Street, Lawrence, Kansas.</b>

A high School Au roleplay of the mighty fandom trio, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who.
This RP is based of the Facebbok RPs that have been monopolised by the K/JPop fandoms. I decided to try to make one for SuperWhoLock. Read the rules and how to join to, you know, join

Thank you ^^


2. How to join / Form

How to join

- Read the rules

- Check the master list/ wishlist and choose a character

- Fill in the form below

- Post filled in form in the comments

- Create a facebook account as the character you have chosen 

- Put their school as "Gallifrey High School" (link below if needed)

-Set their alternate name as "Gallifrey High AU"

- Post a link to the facebook profile in a comment with the form, after you have created it or once you have been accepted or send a friend request to the admin(s) (link below) 

- You have a maximum of one week after you are accepted to post the link or add the admin before your character is no longer reserved (Please try to take less than a week)




Short Bio (optional but endorsed): 

Password (in the rules):

Admin Castiel's Facebook:

Gallifrey High School:

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