The potter's reunited...

The war is finally over. But along with that, Lily and James reappear alive. ALVE, not dead. But one question is on harry's mind. Is it really them?


2. Waking up


I woke up this morning with Ginny's head nestled into my chest. I smiled to myself. Finally we had taken a step foward with our relationship. Ginny and I had decided to live together. At first, we would be staying at Hogwarts for about a year, I would be teaching DADA as a favour to Minerva, and she would let me and ginny sleep in the spare Gryffindor domitory. As for my parents- wait, that wasn't a dream, was it? Nope, my famikly were really back. "Morning, Harry," Ginny said quietly. "Its our first day of teaching, isn't it?" Ginny was going to be my assistant teacher, as she had taken over the DA AND started an anti-death eater group right in front of all the death eaters. Not to mention her talent for bat bogey hexes. We got dressed and Ginny went down for breakfast, while I sat at the teachers' table.



"We have a new teacher, Proffesor Potter, who will be with us for a year. You will know Mr. Potter as the boy-or man, I should now say- who killed v- voldemort. He will be assisted by Miss Weasley, over there." Harry smiled and waved at Ginny. She waved back. "Ginerva, (Ginny scowled at the use of the name, almost making Harry crack up in the middle of breakfast) You will be excused from all classes, as you are a clever student and I will be happy to see you graduate," McGonagall said. "Harry, Ginny if you like it that way- you may go and prepare for your class...''

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