The potter's reunited...

The war is finally over. But along with that, Lily and James reappear alive. ALVE, not dead. But one question is on harry's mind. Is it really them?


5. Dumbledore?


I went to find Ginny because Proffesor McGonagall wanted us for some reason. I found her alone crying in the toilet eventually. "Hey, buddy, what's wrong?" She didn't answer immediatley, but she seemed to trust me, and said: "Well, Dean hit on me, when I love Harry. I know I do, I just know I love your son. It's just that well, I was really shocked,"Said Ginny, before breaking down into tears once more. "C'mon. McGonagall wants us. We can discuss this later, afterwards."


Outside dumbledore's old office

"Harry. Ginny,Lily,James and - go on Sirius, away if you please,"said McGonagall.                  "He's my godson, I ought to know!"He stormed off. "Now, there's someone I'd like you all to meet- or you could say see again- someone very special to all of you... he came back along with you, Lily and James." She said. James and lily exchanged surprised looks. McGonagall opened the door to the office...


Harry's POV

I had never expected to see the old man's eyes x-ray me again. But they did today. 

Proffesor Dumbledore stood waiting for me, or rather sat. But then a nasty thought came to my mind. "What did you say you saw when I asked you what you saw in the Mirror of Erised?"I said.  Dumbledore did not look threatened, or even raise an eyebrow. He merely smiled and chuckled. "Ah, Harry Potter. A very nice welcome to you too. And if you must know, I lied and told you I saw myself holding a pair of thick, woollen socks. Infact, I saw-"   "Ariana,"This time, Dumbledore did look faintly surprised. 


After being joyfully reunited with Harry and co, dumbledore excused the others. Harry and dumbledore planned to put veriatesurem in Harry's parents drinks, to be sure it really was them. They also discussed whether or not death eaters had escaped the dead...


 Ginny telling Harry about dean: Ginny's POV

I let my words spill out of my mouth, wanting to get it over with. I burst into tears halfway through, and Harry comforted me. He went to talk to Dean, and when he came back he looked satisfied. That night, we talked through EVERYTHING.


Little does anyome know that a meeting of death is occouring halfway across the country....





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