The potter's reunited...

The war is finally over. But along with that, Lily and James reappear alive. ALVE, not dead. But one question is on harry's mind. Is it really them?


4. A wonderful night


I dressed for the occasion expertly if I may say so myself. My wild, red hair was side swept and shiny today. I slipped on my white, lacy dress and studied myself in the mirror, and when I was satisfied, I walked out of the room only to realise I had no shoes on. Urgh! Why can't a normal girl who just happens to also be a witch remember to put shoes on? Well, I can tell you  now I don't think that question will ever be answered.



Ginny Weasley strolled into the room of requirement where James had set up the Christmas party, for all of the students above fourteen.  Heads constantly turned in her direction, and people pointed quite a lot, which she found rather rude. The only person whom she would not get angry for doing this was Harry Potter. THE Harry Potter that defeated the dark lord. THE Harry Potter named as the boy who lived- or in Malfoy's opinion, THE boy who scored. THE Harry Potter who was currently dating her.



I was just talking to my 'parents' about auror training when Ginny walked in. Or was it Ginny? She looked absolutely unrecognisable. I must have stared at her longingly, as she smiled  her dazzling smile at me and ran over.  "Hey Gin," I said casually. James walked away: I think he thought we needed privacy. "Hey Harry," She said. I invited her onto the dance floor, and as we twirled around in circles, enjoying eachother's company, I thought over the one question in my mind...

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