Love at first sight


4. Dating now and Sex???

Alison's POV

Well he just said he was tired but I am going up stairs and he pulls out a question

"Alison will you be my Girlfriend I know we just met but I really love you" he said looking down

"Niall of course now let's get to bed "

Niall's POV

So she just said yes now we are going to bed time to have some fun.

I pushed Alison straight into the bed and started kissing her kinda roughly but you know not to rough. Then I took my shirt off and so did she.

Alison's POV

So he just took off his shirt so I did too and I know excactly where this was going to go.

Then he started to kiss me again. Then he took his pants off and I did the same again so I was left in my undies and a bra both black and lace.

He then took my bra off and my undies and he took off his boxers. But he decided to tease me a bit, he stuck two fingers in me then another.

He took them out and quickly stuck his dick in me and started thrusting, slow at first then he got faster.

Niall's POV

So we just started having sex and I can tell she is kinda freaked out a bit. And also I still don't know if she is a virgin or not.

"Say my name"I said thrusting harder

She moaned the screamed out my name


So I did what I was told, then I pulled out and flopped down on the other side of her.

Alison's POV

Wow I just lost my virginity to Niall fucking Horan THAT IS AWESOME!!!

"Niall you know I was a virgin"I said kinda smiling

"No but that's a good thing it probably made it a whole lot better!"

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