Through Thick and Thin

Alex Crawford moves in with her cousin Kim Crawford. They look a lot alike, because their dad's are twins. What happens when she see the gang after another summer, and meets someone new? What happens when someone figures out her passion? Read to find out...


2. Seeing the Gang

**At the mall**

"How come you have such awesome ordination? And I can't even walk straight?!" Kim asks.

"Because, you do karate, I do gymnastics and cheerleading! Total difference there!" I say setting my board down next to the table we say down at.

"Not by much though," she mutters though.

Before I could say anything, I hear someone yell Kim's name, and I turn around to see who it is.

"Hey guys!" she says to the guys walking toward us.

"Back for another summer Alex?" Jerry says striding over to me and throwing an arm around my shoulders.

"Actually the summer and the school year," I say as I shrug his arm off.

"Alex!" Milton yells. He runs out of the dojo and almost tackles me to the ground.

"Hey guys!" I say. I give them a hug.

"I'm so confused..," a boy with brown hair says.

"Sorry Jack, this is my cousin Alex. Alex, this is my friend Jack," Kim says. I shake his outstretched hand. It felt like sparks flying everywhere.

"It's nice to meet you Jack," I say. My phone vibrated, and I checked it. "Sorry, I gotta go, your mom wants me at home Kim." I grab my skateboard and say, "See you later guys!" I jog and hop on my board and skate home.

**Jacks P.O.V**

"She can skate?!" I say watching her skate away. They all nod. "I love her all ready!" They laugh. They know how much I love to skate.

"Jack, do you have a little bit of a crush on my cousin?" Kim asks me.

Psshhh, no!" I say.

"I don't believe you!" she says.

"Whatever!" I say, and head into the dojo for practice.

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