Through Thick and Thin

Alex Crawford moves in with her cousin Kim Crawford. They look a lot alike, because their dad's are twins. What happens when she see the gang after another summer, and meets someone new? What happens when someone figures out her passion? Read to find out...


4. Home

"What happened to you? Did Jerry die?" Kim asks when I walk. Into her room after I take a shower, I'm probably still beaming.

"No, I'm just happy," I say. I sit on her bed, and grab the TV remote.

"Why?" she asks curiously.

"Do you really want me to tell you?" I ask her.

"Of course!" she says sitting straight up and turning the TV off so she can listen better.

I sigh and say, "Jack asked me out earlier."

"Really?!" she asks, obviously happy. I nod. She squeals. "Ahh! I'm so happy for you!! I knew he liked you!!"

I laugh at her. I grab the remote and turn the TV back on, and turn on a random movie. We crawl under the covers and cuddle while we watch.

I text Jack the whole time.

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