Through Thick and Thin

Alex Crawford moves in with her cousin Kim Crawford. They look a lot alike, because their dad's are twins. What happens when she see the gang after another summer, and meets someone new? What happens when someone figures out her passion? Read to find out...


6. Dojo

"Just come to the dojo! You can watch Jack!" Kim says when we walk out of our last class.

"I guess so," I say. She squeals in excitement, and runs of to her locker. I roll my eyes and slowly walk after her. "I need to go home first, I'll meet you over there though."

"Okay," she says. I stick my books in the top of my locker, and grab my backpack and my skateboard. I jog outside, and put my skateboard down and skate home.

When I get home, I put my board by the door, and run upstairs. I set my backpack on my bed, and grab my karate bag. I make sure I have my old gi and belt, then sling it over my shoulder, and grab my skateboard and skate to the mall.

When I get there, I walk to the dojo and go inside. I set my board by the lockers, and ask, "Bathroom?" Kim directs me, and I go change into my old black gi.

"Wait, what?" Kim asks.

"Finally coming out huh?" Jack says.

"I didn't know you did karate," Milton says.

"Well this is a plus," Jerry says trying to be smooth.

"I can kick your head off in one try," I say.

"Yeah?" Jerry asks. I pull a dummy to the middle of the mat, and kick the head off. "I'm scared now..." I laugh.

"Kim! How come you never told me that Alex did karate?" Rudy says.

"Because I didn't know," Kim says.

"Now you have another girl! And it's your cousin!" Jack says pushing us together. I grab his wrist and flip him onto the mat.

"I don't like being pushed," I say.

"Well let's get you a new gi," Rudy says. He goes into his office, and comes out with two. One just plain white, and one white with green lining.

"Thanks Rudy," I say. I go change into the plain white one, and put my old one and the formal one in my bag.

"What degree are you?" Rudy asks looking at my black belt when I come out.

"Second, almost third," I reply.

"Now I get to spend more time with my favorite person!" Kim says jumping on my back. I laugh. She clings on like a monkey.

"Someone help?" I say. Jerry and Milton pull her off of me. "As much as I love you Kim, there is no need to kill me!"

"Fine!" she huffs. I laugh.

"Looks like you guys need to cool off, Kim and Alex go ahead and spar," Rudy says. I smirk and walk over to the mat with Kim.

"I finally get to spar another girl!" Kim says excitedly.

We both bow, and get in stance. Kim steps forward and throws up a kick. I easily block it. She throws a punch, and I catch it, and smile and flip her onto the mat.

"Same thing happened to me last night!" Jack says as he helps her up.

"You knew about Alex and karate?" Kim asks him.

"Yeah, I only found out last night though," he says. Kim huff/screams.

"What's the matter? My parents didn't even know Kim!" I say.

"What's the matter? I'm your cousin and your bestfriend! and you didn't even tell me that we did the same thing? Karate!" she says. She grabs her bag and storms out.

"I'll get her," Jerry says. He runs out to go find her. I sit down on the bench and bury my face in my hands and sigh.

"I'll go find Kim and Jerry," Milton says.

"And I'm just gonna, umm..," Rudy says before he runs out. I let out a small laugh.

"What was that?" Jack asks as he sits down next to me.

"Jack..," I groan.

"What? Do you want to spar? I saw how happy it made you last night," he says.

"Sure," I say. We get up and walk to the mat.

We bow, and get into a fighting stance. Jack kicks toward my stomach, but I quickly duck. I get up and throw a punch, but he grabs my fist and says, "You probably shouldn't have done that." I grab his wrist and slide in between his legs, causing him to flip over and fall onto the mat.

"No, YOU shouldn't have done that," I say with a smile, "I'm gonna go change, then we can go to Phil's." I grab my bag, and go change.

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